Living on the Island of Vaas (A Farcry Fanfiction)

Living on the Island of Vaas (A Farcry Fanfiction)

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When Myra's rich and outgoing parents decide to send her to Bankok for a week for her twentyth birthday, she doesn't know the danger she is putting herself into. Her bestfriend and childhood sweetheart, Ella and Jake, are shipped off in a plane, excited to live a dream. However, one night when Jake decides it would be fun to go on a boat and ride out in the ocean, their boat gets highjacked. A bunch a hispanic looking guys attack them, put bags over theirs heads and drag them off into the night. Myra wakes up on a beach, Ella and Jake no where to be found, and her nightmare has just begun.

She crawls through the jungle, figuring out she is on an island, far from Bankok and where a mad man, Vaas Montenegro, lives and commands his men to kidnapp and sell his captive for ransoms. But, Vaas cannot bring himself to kill Myra and her friends when they stand at the gallows. What could be happening to this isane man? What could Myra be doing to make him let her and her friends live? Could it be because she is somewhat like him?

A story of adventure, survival and love. Death surronds Myra and she is brought into a deep and dark tunnel she desperatly wants to crawls out of, but what is the price she will have to pay to save her own life?

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Laked_ Laked_ Sep 30, 2016
I've literally read this book 5 times already and it never gets old. ❤
hayleycosplay228 hayleycosplay228 Dec 03, 2015
I've lost track of how many times I've read this. I love this fan fic its one of my faves