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Terri By Jewelarose Completed

Cole's never known the meaning of the word love. His parents never utter the word to him, nor did anyone else. Well that could be due to him never spending time with anyone else. So when he's shipped off to spend the summer in a new country with a grandmother he didn't even know existed and meets the strikingly beautiful and dangerous looking Logan, who claims to be in love with him, he finds it completely hard to believe. 

Logan's life came crashing down a few years ago with betrayal hanging in his past. Now that he found Cole the one person who he knows is supposed to love him unconditionally, he's not willing to let him go without a fight. 

Follow them on their journey to finding love as secrets unfold and the past catches up to the present. Will this sever the chance of Logan gaining Cole's love? And is it too much to ask to be Wanted & Loved?

frisma_ frisma_ May 15, 2016
Certainly not cats. One moment they're okay, and the next they're fiery killing machines who can take your soul.
gemarop gemarop Jul 18, 2016
So he just made up answers in his head, then got angry by him self hmmmmmm😂😂😂😂
Tomorrow.....tomorrow.....I love you tomorrow.....your only a day away.....I hope
Demon_Queen_13 Demon_Queen_13 Oct 03, 2016
Thats y I hate when people mutter something rude and im like: Did u say something? Do need to say somethin?
Demon_Queen_13 Demon_Queen_13 Oct 03, 2016
*me if he called me wolfie: Boi dont call me dat but u still cute af😂😘😊
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Jul 25, 2016
Okay, I'm so sorry to point this out (I may regret it) but "rapid"? Sounds like he's gonna rape the human... I know that's not it, I just couldn't help it.