The Last Dance

The Last Dance

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'I've had cancer all my life, and they don't know how much longer I'll last.'


They met on social media and became close friends. But they both held secrets.

Luna Myers was a cancer patient, and had been since birth. She had constantly been taking chemo every week or month since she was old enough for the medicine.

She basically lived in the hospital, but the cancer kept coming back, no matter how much the doctors kept helping to get rid of it. So she spent time on the internet, with people she met across the globe, including Ember Olive.

But there was only so much that they could do before they had to give up and face the fact that she was dying.


Ember Olive had been diagnosed with severe depression since he was fourteen, going to therapy and group meetings ever since his diagnosis.

He only ever felt the tiniest bit happy when he was on the internet, with his internet friends. 

The only thing raising the meter higher was Luna Myers, the happy girl that kept his spirits up, and the thing that made him want to hide everything wrong with him from her.


But this book isn't about them.

It's about their night at prom, and confessing secrets. It also involves what happens afterwards.


  • cancer
  • depression
  • prom
  • shortchapters
  • shortstory

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