The Empress

The Empress

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Priscella E. Liling By Bleu84 Updated 7 hours ago

For 3 generations, her family has been nothing but loyal towards the royal family. Her father decided that for the sake of the kingdom, she is to be married to the young Emperor. The very same Emperor whom had thought that her family is just another power crazed family. His distrust resulted in the execution of her family. 

With an empty looking eyes, she stared at him and pointed into his arrogant face, "You are no longer my Emperor. From this day onwards, I am no longer your Empress..." 

With that,  she disappears into the thin air.

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That was so emotional...and I rarely feel emotional. Your writing is so amazing!
is lianhua the one from valiant princess or are they different people?
julypaw123 julypaw123 Apr 29
I hope he really doesn't get back with her but one can only wish
aaah, is that a taste of regret in my tongue~?
                              do you like it, huh? Huuh?
Isn’t this the actress who played support role as Li Chang Ru in The Princess Wei Young? She is known to gain popularity fast due to her sweet looks. She’s my favorite actress!
Wait isn't this er xi from love 020 I hope she has a good role in the story she was such a sweet friend although dumb at times in love 020