Crush x Reader

Crush x Reader

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ME IS BACK XD By Neko-Windy Updated Mar 24, 2016

*Right now under heavy editing ^^;;*

This is a story about how you and your crush get together! 

Read to find out more!
(I'm so evil not even giving a proper description xD)

StarMar4 StarMar4 6 days ago
It could also be expanding brackets, not adding all the numbers together :p
PTX_Septic_Plier PTX_Septic_Plier Nov 29, 2016
God I wish  .hes not in my class and I don't even have his number
FaithyWasHere_x FaithyWasHere_x Dec 17, 2016
I um, I just worked that out myself miss.miss.godknowswhatyournameis. Totally. WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM SENPAI OVER HERE!!
CoolAlienite100 CoolAlienite100 Dec 07, 2016
Lol he always does this since he used to like me back..17 other girls like him tho and my bestie from another school minght be dating him...
MaiNguyen797 MaiNguyen797 3 days ago
My crush and I make the best team. 
                              Ex. In science class we had to do a web quest thing and he does all the research and I do the grammar corrections
living_for_death13 living_for_death13 Dec 03, 2016
I would feel so bad cuz his pinky is broken and still healing.