city lights

city lights

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sherlock & molly By wildlives Updated May 18, 2015

There in those city lights, there was no her and there was no him. There was just everything and nothing and the spaces in between, like flickering lights against a never-ending, black sky. There in those city lights, there was no love and there was no hate. There was just listening and talking and understanding every single thing, like the 'ready, stop, go' of car-chasers and dream-makers. There in those city lights, there was no sadness and there was no happiness. There was just candid smiles and wasted tears and bottom lips chewed off, like the overflowing boulevard of things unseen. 

There in those city lights, there was no lady and there was no man. There was just a boy and a girl, who promised to fall in love, not with each other, but in those city lights.

[a blind collaboration by @hepburnettes & @cityscape]

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CompletelyTheirs CompletelyTheirs Nov 15, 2017
This is the kind of work you want to read because of how beautifully written what you first see is
thtbandgeek thtbandgeek Mar 30, 2016
thought this was going to be related to Motionless In White but whoops. I'm going to keep reading though this is really good.
farah_mo farah_mo May 24, 2016
It's just the first chapter but I can tell this is gonna be something great
- - Apr 09, 2016
Pretty convinced that this is Noelle, and the next is Chloe...
sibilant sibilant Jul 18, 2015
I need to sit with a dictionary, that's how pathetic I am. You people are amazing!
sailingsoul19 sailingsoul19 Jun 22, 2015
That's what I did before going to my last exams lol music calms down!