black || h.s. (editing)

black || h.s. (editing)

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Lauren By bunsmany Completed

No, I'm not what you would expect a directioner to look like.

No, I don't fit the descriptions of girls in the imagines.

No, They don't write fanfics for girls like me.

No, I didn't think it was ever going to happen.

But yes, he chose me.

And that's when everything changed.

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DOCTOR WHO IS LIFE😩😩 I love this book and her already wow
wizardindie wizardindie Dec 08, 2015
I sat down with one friend and then another hoped into out convo when i said 1D
                              Then another down the road 
                              Then another noticed our 1Dafness and now i have fpurfriwnds YAY LOL
wizardindie wizardindie Dec 08, 2015
Yaasss ive wanted to go to ucla for a while now bit i don't thibk ill get in..
TheNashtyQueen TheNashtyQueen Nov 30, 2015
It's normal that I've kissed mine, and have had a full blown conversation with them right? I'm so not crazy.😑😂.
Honey__Bee Honey__Bee Apr 27, 2015
My brother: "one day, im going to move out and you're gonna miss me someday" 
                              Me: "ok but first you have to move out, and from your 23 year track record- im not getting my hopes up"
BabygirlKam BabygirlKam Apr 26, 2015
I just love how the comments turned let's be best friends into blank space. lol