Daddy Issues (Criminal Minds Fan-fiction)

Daddy Issues (Criminal Minds Fan-fiction)

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hungaagames By hungaagames Updated Nov 20, 2017

After a series of murders taking place in a college in New Jersey the BAU are called in to find the Unsub. The latest murder was Lexi Cameron who's best friend happens to be Morgan Hale, Derek Morgan's daughter.

Hale knows he's her father but he doesn't he is. She never wanted to get to know her father she even changed her name when she was younger to prevent him finding out who she is. However she may have to get to know him as she makes an unusual friendship with Spencer Reid. Hale and her father are two very different people. While her father was out arresting criminals Hale was living in cars etc.  

Will Hale's father find out her true identity? Will her friendship with Reid turn into something else? Read Daddy Issues to find out

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Skullz4Kingz Skullz4Kingz Nov 12, 2017
I thought hr was boutta ask her to find out everything about Morgan
ElectricHope ElectricHope Sep 08, 2017
I just realized her real name is Morgan Morgan... well if she goes by her father's last name
Artofawkwardness Artofawkwardness Jul 24, 2016
You know if she took her dads last name her name would be Morgan Morgan (Morgan &morgan) lol
LYSSAxoxo LYSSAxoxo Jan 24, 2016
Really Derek does she look familiar I mean she's only your daughter
EBLunar EBLunar Apr 12, 2015
Ohh man I'm hooked already! So wait Derek Morgan is Morgan Hale's dad, right?
EBLunar EBLunar Apr 12, 2015
It's a good start. You got me interested in this story really fast. I think I'll like it a lot.