Malachi Gregory (Volume One)

Malachi Gregory (Volume One)

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**trigger warning: rated YA for non-descriptive instances and memories of sexual assault, harassment, abuse, and addiction** 

Malachi Gregory is a feeler. She feels everything deeply and all at once. That's why she keeps her heart heavily guarded while following the feelings of others, so she can save them from troubling and dangerous situations. For years, it has been more of a hobby of hers. Feeling feelings and saving lives. Now, she's been called as "the Chosen One" by a secret government agency called the Psychological Security Agency. When she joins them, she finds herself letting her guard down. Everything seems to be going really well for her. Then, everything changes. She lets her guard down way faster and way lower than she ever would have allowed if she had been paying attention. While she tries to figure out what this means, she still has to help others stay out of trouble and danger.

This is the rough first draft of a novel I'm currently editing. Some things may overlap, a couple characters may appear or disappear. Like I said, I'm working on it.

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