My brother and i (anime story)

My brother and i (anime story)

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What do you feel when you have a brother who is popular, cool, comes home late and doesn't really show his love to his little sister because of embarrassment? How about when he's with his friends, you called him and he acts like you don't exist?           
Well, that's what I feel. Hi my name is Mellanie. I live alone with my brother because our parents died when I was a baby. My brother took care of me back then. As we grew older, we became far from each other. I'm 15 and I act as if nothing's wrong between me and my brother. My brother is 18. His name is Mark. We go to the same school but we act like we don't know each other everyday. One night, he brought a girl home and he told me that she will be eating with us. While we were eating, brother was there laughing and smiling. I was just there --- envious of the girl. When i tell him a joke, he doesn't laugh. When she tells him a joke, he laughs. It's unfair. I went back to my room leaving them. In my room,  I planned to then have a boyfriend (fake) to get his attention. I already know who. 

Josh is like big brother mark but only kinder. He's also popular with girls. They both are on a competition.  What will happen next? Will I ever get my brother's attention? Well! find out in the story of "My brother and I!"   

I want to thank you in advance. Also to my friends who are reading my story.

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