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Older Brothers

Older Brothers

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candycat27 By candycat27 Completed

Drama. Drama. Drama.
That pretty much describes my life. I mean when your living with your 7 older brothers, 5 cousins, best friends, and a 3 month old baby, life can't get any better! And then there's school. Well school is school. Loaded with a the different 'groups' of kids. The geeks, popular, etc.
And last but not least, my parents. We don't even know where they are most the time since they go on business trips after business trips. They come for for a week at the most and leave again. My family is not rich, but not poor. We have more than enough money to get the nice things we want, but we have to earn them. 

My life sounds pretty interesting huh?

I was okay when I heard the girls were sitting on the guy's lap,  but when I saw that Logan sat on his brother's lap,  I died😂😂😂
                              *sings strolling out* FÜCK THIS SHÍT I'M OUT OH YYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH
Same, sometimes I get because I want to get a little big but it never worked
wow im the opposite, i hear the word "bread" and bam 5lbs heavier
Stone_Gold Stone_Gold Jun 03
No I only have waffles and pancakes with maple syrup. Anything else and I won't try it.
Mad_Desires Mad_Desires Sep 17, 2016
;-; I swear , I have a very sexy friend a girl (I am straight) she eats a lot but never gets fat and ... Just gain weight by 1 pounf -_-