He Saved Me

He Saved Me

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Xenia Hopps By Xenia_Hopps Completed

Isobel Davis will never forget the night she was snatched into an alley and brutally raped while a knife was pressed against her throat. She will also never forget the boy who saved her. But even though he saved her that night, how can he save her from the nightmares that follow, waking her up in the middle of the night and bringing her to tears.

Robert (Bobby) Slade has always been known as the local badass. Half the teachers at the high school want him suspended indefinitely, and the local police know him by his first name. He has always been bad news. When he saved Isobel that night the smart, beautiful, head-strong girl that he had secretly admired over the years had been torn apart and ripped to pieces, and the girl in her place was just a shell of what she once was. But Bobby will stop at nothing to find that girl that he had once admired, and bring her back.

He will save Isobel, even if it meant saving himself too.....

But with a stranger lurking in the shadows, 
both those tasks may prove to be more 
difficult that either of them had expected.....

BembaNugget BembaNugget Aug 01, 2016 06:48PM
I really like the start of this story, but I do feel it's a little rushed (which is understandable considering you wanted to get it down and published). I feel like there should be a little more description in some places. I really enjoy this though and I look forward to reading more!
AA-uk955 AA-uk955 Aug 12, 2016 03:01AM
Idk when my mom and dad get drunk they are both funny as hell 😂
AmandaOwen7 AmandaOwen7 Aug 21, 2016 04:29AM
This is my 3rd or 4th time reading this story and every time I open this I can't believe this isn't a book that's published and if it is I need to know where so I can go buy it.
El-jana El-jana Jul 01, 2016 10:33AM
*faceplams self so hard*Also why  isn't she screaming while she's running?
lana369 lana369 Jun 29, 2016 05:28AM
I can't this is so horrible I can't believe how low some men can stoop to degrade a woman like that and utterly disrespect her body and mind it's disgusting some people are so worthless
moonwalker96 moonwalker96 Jul 01, 2016 07:29AM
When this happens i always wait with my friend until her parent comes :(