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The Fighters

The Fighters

407K Reads 11.1K Votes 36 Part Story
lhend16 By lhend16 Completed

Alexis aka Alex has a secret side of her life that only about three people know. She is a MMA fighter named "Shadow." One of the best MMA fighters in the country. One day Damien comes back to her school and is also a fighter. Will he find out or will Alex's secret be safe? Will these two hot headed fighters get along or fight? 

  • action
  • annoying
  • badboy
  • fighter
  • gloves
  • gun
  • highschool
  • hit
  • humor
  • kidnap
  • knife
  • mma
  • romance
  • romancedrama
  • sarcasm
  • school
  • taken
  • underground