The Candy Striper

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You can call me Sisi By BeeHappySisi123 Updated 3 years ago
Lance has been in every hospital in the country every since he was digenoused with leukemia. Of course because his perdiciment, Lance isn't the happiest person in the world. Especailly since he had just been transfered to another hospital.
    Mary is a candy striper at the local hosiptal. Spending every waking moment at the hosiptal she has very little time for friend, or boys for that matter. Even though she's always volentring at the hosiptal, she have a very sunny dispostion on life, beliving everyone has some good in them. 
    How will these two change when a friendship blooms?
wow so much description. I'm loving the adorable title and the main character, hilarious. I thought this was quite original
hahaha oops... at first I thought it was a girl....... :/
                                    But, it was still amazing! I added it to my summer reading list and voted!
This is sooooo good! I love it. No mistakes at all, great job. (:
I have nothing negative to say about the first chapter. I didn't see any mistakes and the descriptions were really well written. Great job! :)
Aw this is a really sweet story, I do feel sorry for your character though, but a really sweet story I like it XD
Great description, I really liked how you developed your character, and altogether great storyline.:)