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Brilliant (Harry Potter/Doctor Who Crossover)

Brilliant (Harry Potter/Doctor Who Crossover)

805K Reads 25.3K Votes 37 Part Story
Captain Of Awesome By InLoveWithARockStar Completed

During her 7th year at Hogwarts, Hermione is intrigued right from the start by the new Astronomy teacher, Professor John Smith. This strange man has captured all her attention and she seems to have done the same to him.
As the year goes by, talking to someone on a more intellectual level becomes something of a drug for her. Letters from Ron become less frequent and conversation with John are more often. The student-teacher wall falls to allow a great friendship to form. But Hermione’s feelings are much more than that. She is falling for the wizard with the metal wand.
But an affair isn’t the only thing happening is the castle. Strange things are happening to Hermione that even her great mind cannot explain.

Star_Wars_Fan_4_life Star_Wars_Fan_4_life Oct 19, 2016
I love this book it two of my three favorite franchises mixed together
Oceancookie10 Oceancookie10 Nov 26, 2016
i thought this was harrys or rons pov for so reason
                              damn tears
                              damn 2am
Oh how perfect, the tenth doctor teaching astronomy at 10pm, and being a time lord it's a perfect job
bookgirl189 bookgirl189 Jan 21
Honestly, why would you leave Hogwarts? I'd be heartbroken when I'd graduate.
lunar_Zombieland7 lunar_Zombieland7 Dec 03, 2016
No way no way No way!!!!!! DONNA!!!!!!!!!! I m crying so much I can barely see the screen...
LayhlaPond LayhlaPond Nov 20, 2015
Thus is the best thing ever!!! If you don't write more i mite die, their are some things in life that will never agree like the doctor and Daliks, or Malfoy and harry. But harry potter and doctor who... Now that's bloody brilliant! And never forget the most important think ever... Bow ties are cool