Destiny (Crawford Collins)

Destiny (Crawford Collins)

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"Oh, I'm so sorry." I shrieked bumping into someone causing the things that I need to bring my Aunt to fall. So I just bowed down and picked up the things and the guy who I bumped helped me. 

"No. I should be the one saying sorry.'' He replied. I held my head up and I saw a perfect looking guy and his perfect eyes looking at mine, he seems very familiar. Since I am rushing I just stood up and said "Thanks." He smirked and said "No problem.''

"I gotta go now. I'm sorry." I told him and when I was about to run, he yelled and that made me turn around.

"I didn't get your name?" he smiled

"Stella. My name is Stella Parker."

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awesome_friend awesome_friend Mar 03, 2016
you know how relieved I am because you are not using the word orbs.
MayQueen05 MayQueen05 Apr 02, 2016
Course I knew, I OWN THEM 🕶
                              *silently wishes she owned the collins*
KZQuinn KZQuinn Apr 15, 2016
Sorry, but I'm more beautiful!!!!
                              Lol........nah....I lost my confidence.. Bye bye to the earth.
fairyfloss_princess fairyfloss_princess Aug 17, 2015
Stella Raye Parker? like the one in Forced (Myles Parrish fanfic)?
GirlInTheDark_ GirlInTheDark_ May 01, 2015
Peter Parker from Spider Man.  The Collins! Crawford and Chris! This is really good. I have to read this till the end.
@skylarstapletin2003 well, obviously the sass queen has to make her presence know to all ;))