Crossing The Chasm - Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book Two

Crossing The Chasm - Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book Two

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Lynda Coker By LyndaCoker Completed

A botched abduction by a local terrorist group at a Middle East airport leaves Jessica imprisoned in a sweltering desert camp awaiting execution. She needs a miracle--but the Devil will have to do.

Califar Cadin, First Regent of the Middle Eastern country of Ahalamin, is a man of tradition, authority, and determination. But to Jessica Heathly, he's the arrogant tyrant who calls her WIFE.

~ Like a vice, he penned her tight against his body with one hand and pressed the other hard against her mouth. He turned her slightly to the left, just enough to give her a view of the truck at the bottom of the hill and the two men beside it.

She understood the need for quite. But, did he really need to forcefully muzzle her? Using tactics, which in the past had afforded her small victories against her bigger brothers, she bit down on the fingers pressed across her teeth.

This time, he was the one hard put to stifle a groan. He jerked his hands from her and she lost no time stepping out of his reach.

He glared at her with the promise of retribution in his molten eyes and the pout of an injured boy on his lips. He took a step toward her. She retreated. If not for the shout coming from the truck, the tactical dance might have lasted until dawn. ~