The Bad Boy Stole My Pudding Cup

The Bad Boy Stole My Pudding Cup

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Dezy By imhungryyy Updated Oct 17, 2015

No way.

It cannot be him.

Carter Fields is in my kitchen.   

The bad boy was in my kitchen, raiding my fridge.

I stepped out from behind the wall and coughed awkwardly. He turned around and let out a high pitched scream and dropped- my pudding cup! 

Oh, no he didn't. Someone better hold my earrings!  

"Give me my pudding cups!" I yelled, I swear I must have looked like a wildebeest.   I advanced towards Carter Fields, umbrella at the ready.   

No one messes with my pudding cups. 

No one.

I just read the description and I was already I sound like a dying whale😂
                              To funny
HOLD MY HOOPS 😂😂😑😠😬😡😠😤😤😤😤😣
"I GOTCHU GIRL"  yo I'm actually holding out my hand acting like in holding the earing
lexi0907 lexi0907 Aug 04
Hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green... so you would find specks of green in his eyes
tishdolanxo tishdolanxo Sep 08
The first thing I thought about was the Dolan twins.... I didn't understand the Taylor reference until I saw the comments
Lmao if my dad heard I had a bf he would be loading his rifle 😂😂 who can relate?