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Konstantsia By knightwriter Updated 5 months ago
If only more people understood the power of their words... love the fable format you've chosen to use here- beautifully written. Vtd
Perhaps the irrationality was on my part. It was a bad day.
                                    Your analysis was very professional. Mine was a gut reaction and thereby the flawed one. Regards Carey
Just a  counterweight to the politically correct for debate. What happened to 'survival of the fittest.'? Did we suddenly  forget Darwin? Do we have to support these drooping flowers? And if so tell me why. Good poem and voted but good only from what maybe a flawed perspective. Carey
A very special and sensitive piece from a heart that doesn't waver and a pen that never fails.  V
The wilting of the spirit, the loss of the self-esteem of the bullied well depicted with the delicate flower images. Well written and rhymed. vtd.
Unfortunately, there are far too many of these wallflowers, but their beauty, at least, is real.