A Romione Love Story - Harry Potter.

A Romione Love Story - Harry Potter.

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Chapter 1

Quidditch practice had just finished, on a horrible rainy day, and Harry and Ron were very muddy. Ron and Harry raced across the pitch pushing at each other, trying to make the other fall over into the mud. Ron gave Harry a shove and he toppled almost falling over. Harry pushed Ron harder, making him fall back into the mud, but as he fell, Ron grabbed Harry's ankle and pulled him down too. They were both sat in the mud rolling around and laughing histerically until they noticed someone standing over them. They looked up, stopped laughing then smiled.

"Hey Hermione, had fun watching us in the rain?" Ron chuckled.

"Yeah you were great today I was just wondering if you were free at the weekend to go to Hogsmeade with me?" Hermione looked very nervous, and was blushing.

He smiled, sitting up in the mud "Sure, this weekend? I'm sure Harry can last one day with out us." They both turned to look at Harry.

Ron stood up, laughing at Harry wriggling on the floor, trying and failin...

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Danielles_War Danielles_War May 27, 2017
Weasley's are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Let me just say 
                              That escalated quickly.
TheNudgeChannel TheNudgeChannel Apr 11, 2017
Ravenclawmadness2018 Ravenclawmadness2018 Dec 29, 2017
Actually, Harry would have been happy for Ron. And he usually tries to get away from the attention.
cutebunny100 cutebunny100 Nov 01, 2016
omg this book is so good im reading it again! and its just as fabulous as i remembered it!
cutebunny100 cutebunny100 Aug 18, 2016
love it! well not the part where hermione gets dragged in, but you know what i mean, right! :)
Harold-the-Llama Harold-the-Llama May 28, 2015