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Erased »Draco Malfoy«

Erased »Draco Malfoy«

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Jadyn By PrimxDraco Completed

This train station was new to me for I was knew to the area. I left the Merlins Academy of Magic when my mom applied for a job in the area. My green eyes searched the area for platform nine and three quarters. My mother and I searched curiously for the way to Merlins was never this complicated. 
"Go ask them!" My mother pointed to a family of red heads. 
"They could be muggles, mother." I noted. My mother shook her head,
"That boy is dressed in a red robe with an owl in a cage, I'm sure he isn't muggle." She watched a boy who seemed to be older than the others and had a boy identical to him. In fact, they were all dressed in red robes and carried wands and small pets. My mother and I trailed to the enormous family,
"Excuse me, but do you happen to know the way to platform nine and three quarters?" They each turned to me. The one looking closest to my age replied,
"Right through there." He pointed to a space in the wall. 
"Will I not get hurt?" They each shook their heads,
"Nope, you'll...

klokoloko5 klokoloko5 Apr 21
Luna is 4th year... sorry, it gets me whenever someone says shes 5th year
pottre pottre Nov 30, 2016
my mother and i's search to merlins academy of magic wasn't ever this complicated*
AnImaginaryGirl AnImaginaryGirl Apr 23, 2016
Plus, Luna would never say jerk. She would say something else like: baboon or Muppet
pallasathena2002 pallasathena2002 Nov 09, 2016
This train station was new to me, for I was new to this area.