Remnant Shadows Of Hope Remain(on Hold)

Remnant Shadows Of Hope Remain(on Hold)

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CalebTheFandomGuy By CalebTheFandomGuy Updated Dec 13, 2017

I am making this one in place of: The Not So Bad Wolf and his Pretty Kitty because I couldn't find it in me to continue the story the way I had it. There will still be a few things that are the same. but there will also be some differences.

Ozpin is dead. Beacon has fell. The kingdoms distrust each other. Fear is all around.  Team RWBY is scattered. And all hope seems lost. But...  a Shadow, whose true name is (y/n) (l/c) has emerged from the wreckage of Beacon. Ready to right the wrongs that have been done.

But to do this, the Shadow will have to recover the greatest thief in the 4 kingdoms. Find the last of the Silver Eyed Warrioress', bring back a couple of familiar faces from the grave, former enemies must set aside their past fueds and unite to defeat Salem and save Remnant. All the while  handling quite a few surprises along the way. How will this tale go? Gather around ye people. And listen well. For an epic tale will soon unravel. This tale of the Shadow and his new posse has Begun!

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dadancingcookie dadancingcookie Jul 31, 2017
I dunno really, it's totally up to you. DO WHAT YOUR HEART DESIRES.