Heartstrings (Kuroko no Basuke fan fic)

Heartstrings (Kuroko no Basuke fan fic)

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Red Maru By retardedinpajamas Completed

When two hearts are connected.


[1st place in the KnB Watty Awards Himuro Tatsuya Category]
[2nd place in the KnB Watty Awards Best Shipping Couple]

  • atsushi
  • basuke
  • fukui
  • himuro
  • kensuke
  • kuroko
  • liu
  • murasakibara
  • tatsuya
  • wei
Wtf....why is she acting like my bestfriend when she found out I'm close to her crush?
MainstreamNot MainstreamNot Jun 18, 2016
Just ditch it. All and I mean ALL students in my school ditch it. And on the next day, my class is clean already. Thank you Mr.Janitors
VanilleLuchia VanilleLuchia Mar 04, 2015
You don't like Himuro baby sweetie? Awww... remember, the  more you hate, the more you love..
jjeannnx jjeannnx Nov 23, 2014
I can't watch anime or read manga cuz I have to do shyt TT^TT
Lovu-Pandacat Lovu-Pandacat Jul 01, 2014
UWAAA  update update update pls its such an awsome story n i cant wait >w<
xxFicfany xxFicfany Jun 01, 2014
lol I'm sorry but I really hate Mayu right now! XD ... wait is that her name? Owww I forgot....