Streams of Chaos {Loki}

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dragonrain618 By dragonrain618 Updated 3 years ago
The path for truth and the path for vengeance are similar paths. Both lead to pain. Full of secrets, Ali Mathews finds the near dead Loki. She knows she should hate him...but she can't. Loki/OC
it is amazing. loki was practically my favourite character in the avengers so it's nice that you kept him the way he is rather than changing his character completely. good job and please upload soon! :)
@dragonrain618 Oh God, I hate writer's blocks. I've had one for the longest time on half of my stories... :/
                                    And you're welcome... For the comment, that is... XD
OHMYLOKI, THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! You have to update this as soon as possible!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE??????