Me: BLACKSTAR! What did I tell you about hacking onto my accounts?!?!
Blackstar: A big star like me doesn't need to listen to someone as small as you!
Me: *eyebrow twitches* EMMA CHOP!


Echoes: Family above all is what has been taught to Nikki her entire life and she has seen for herself the truth of those three words. The only reason she even returned to Mystic Falls was because her family needed her. However, meeting Damon Salvatore and even worse, developing feelings for him, was not something she had counted on. Now her screwed up life is even more complicated. Damon/OC

Danger Zone: "What's life without a little risk?" Kate Thomas was never one to be overly cautious or to think before she acted, so it wasn't much of a surprise when she agreed to join the Avengers without even a second to contemplate it thoroughly. In her mind, it was simple: you live life to the fullest or you die broken and alone. Steve/OC

Fade to Nothing: "You're right, life isn't fair. It can be full of so much suffering that you can think of nothing else. But if we just give up because of that, then what does that make us?" Haruka had thought she and her partner Takuto were finally done running. She hadn't counted on the past coming back to haunt them...or falling for the son of Lord Death himself. Death the Kid/OC

Lie to Me: {Set right after Season 3, original storyline} Life is the cruelest thing known to every creature in the world. Immortality is even worse. Rowan felt her undead heart stop the moment she was told of her brother's demise. Rushing to Mystic Falls to figure out the truth of the situation, she found a hell of a lot more than what she was bargaining for. Damon/OC (INFO SUBJECT T0 CHANGE ONCE I FIGURE OUT A BETTER ONE)
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Never Again {Klaus/OC/Damon}

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Description: "You abandoned me! Not the other way around!" Treasure everything while it lasts because nothing is forever. Klaus/OC/Damon

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Mask of Lies

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No Mercy {Klaus}

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"What's an ass…and what's a Friday?"
I never noticed that until you just pointed that out lol xD Probably because my co-writer and I stopped working on this story before we even started watching Supernatural, which was last summer. But yeah, now that you pointed it out, it's so freaking obvious that I'm dying laughing XD