I Need You Now- a Hinny Story

I Need You Now- a Hinny Story

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Miranda By mir801 Updated Feb 13, 2017

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny decided to get married. After their wedding Harry joins the Auror department and Ginny plays Quidditch with the Holyhead Harpies. See the ups and downs of their life, along with the popularity that comes with Harry being the boy who lived. 

I Need You Now picks up where 'The Deathly Hallows' left off, and ends at '19 Years Later'. 

Another even more important note. As the Harry Potter series is owned and written by Joanne K. Rowling, mir801 is taking no credit for the world JKR has created. mir801 loves fan fiction because it allows you to use your imagination and helps you fill that craving of story want and need. Please do not abuse fan fiction! It is something many people enjoy!

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MelissaHilsenrath MelissaHilsenrath Aug 10, 2017
Oh RONALD weasley 2 things 
                              (1 leave Harry potter and your sister alone 
                              (2 please be with your new girlfriend and snog Hermione granger like you two did in the chamber of secrets scene the 2nd wizarding war
Ronald weasly is always saying bloody hell i just dont get it
Leshvin Leshvin Feb 26, 2016
Any of your I guys watched ' Magic Beyond Words ' ??
                              It's the story of Joanne Rowling. It's really good. Has anyone here watched it??
drarry_otpxx drarry_otpxx Jan 21, 2017
Her name is actually just Joanne Rowling and Kathleen was her grandmothers name......I'm sorry, I'm just really picky about the HP fandom so that when someone gets something wrong I just need to correct it or I can't sleep for days.....
SoftAndNeat__ SoftAndNeat__ Apr 14, 2016
*sigh* Ron....why do you ruin every Hinny kiss in fanfics?!?!
WaterWizard WaterWizard Jul 10, 2016
Seamus first off all.. Get. A. Life 😂.
                              And Ronald, two things...
                              (One) Don't you dare interupt their reunion
                              (Two) Go snog Hermione or something!