My little Bunny~ Jikook

My little Bunny~ Jikook

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<3Kookie<3 By JJeon_Kookie Updated Jun 17

Jungkook is a small,beautiful,and  submissive  bunny hybrid that has had a ruff life which he had learned to block out, although he sometimes slips. He is still in love with his old master; Taehyung.His old master was possessive and abusive but Kookie still loves him. He is also very child-like and speaks and act immature for his age. He also likes wearing  feminine clothing but also likes 'regular' clothing as well. 

Jimin is what you would call dominate. He is your typical jerky CEO. But in honesty he is just lonely and wants to be loved. He had once owned a hybrid but only cared for her like a sister. Yes she was a female, he had only discovered his sexuality 2 years ago after his hybrid left.
He decides to get a new hybrid, this time a submissive male. Jimin is someone all girls and submissive guys would call "hot" and "sexy". He had also heard quite a few comments on his amazing build.

Jimin vists a pet shop that sells hybrids, and sees the most beautiful bunny hybrid ever. When he buys Kookie will his life change? Or will Kookies change as well? Will his love for his past master fade? And what if his old master, will he come back?

Jungkook: 18


Taehyung: 22

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