Dreaming On - Kuroko no Basket

Dreaming On - Kuroko no Basket

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Fujioka Masami By royal_purple153 Updated Jun 25

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Being a girl who loves basketball with a passion is a hard life for Masami Fujioka. Coming back to Japan from America, she's allowed to join the basketball team at Seirin High only after striking a deal with her demanding father. Her side of the bargain is a bit tricky to uphold though. Balancing school life with ballet, piano, and basketball? She knows that the sport she loves so much will eventually be the death of her. 

And honestly? Masami's not an ordinary girl. She easily led her team in America to victory without a hitch. Right before her brother passed away in front of her eyes, Masami made a promise to him - a promise that will change the future for everyone. But how can she when Japan is a country that frowns upon females playing basketball?

"Just you wait, onii-san. I'll make our dreams come true!"

She's taller than me...well she's like 15 right? I GOTTA WAIT TILL JULY TO TURN 15 AND I HOPE I GROW 5 CM TILL THEN(to be the same height trololol)
Cries because I was about to do something like this. It's really good though.
I wish I was able to play it since my mother's a piano teacher
Avada Kedavra! Crucio! Wingardium Leviosa! 
                              I'm 5'1 and in 7th. She's TWO years older than me
                              And she's 4 inches taller....
Oh My Gosh! River Flows In You by Yiruma! That's my favorite piece that I play! Gosh, what a coincidence!~