The Sassy Fresher [Aomine X Reader]

The Sassy Fresher [Aomine X Reader]

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Aomine Daiki X Reader [FanFic: Kuroko No Basuke]

Aomine Daiki, ace of Touou High School's basketball team is in his second year when he gets introduced to [Name]-chan, one of Kise Ryota's model friends. She studies at Kaijo along with Kise-kun, and happens to be a one of those people who can give Aomine-kun a run for his money. 

Aomine Daiki cannot deny that he's got feelings for her, but [Name]-chan certainly wishes to deny her feelings.

What happens when a commitment-phobic model/dancer/nerd meets the cocky, pervy and highly annoying basketball player? 


A/N: The same story is up on my deviantart profile, and I will be updating on both websites. 

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, they belong to the writer of KnB, Tadatoshi Fujimaki.

CanaMono75 CanaMono75 Mar 17, 2016
Yo, [Name] is just simply bipolar. There is no other logical explanation for the quick transition in emotions. First I was lowkey depressed, then I'm super saiyan mad, then I yry to calm down. I can not believe it! #little_einstiens_reference
KelsIsMikasaAckerman KelsIsMikasaAckerman Sep 07, 2016
Dude. You stole my food. Except in my case, I would literally push him out of his chair if he stole my food in real life.
FakeHobos FakeHobos Jul 09, 2015
I. Will. Snap. Your. Neck. Aho. And sacrifice you to the dark lord Harry styles
Blaz1ng_Kn1ght Blaz1ng_Kn1ght May 30, 2015
stupid wattpad mobile app.... can't reply to comments.. can only start new comments... sorry
Blaz1ng_Kn1ght Blaz1ng_Kn1ght May 30, 2015
TSI did start with aryan dropping ana :-P and she hated him for a while after that
Blaz1ng_Kn1ght Blaz1ng_Kn1ght May 30, 2015
:-D all your love stories start with the girl hating the guy :-P