Kuroko's Other Side

Kuroko's Other Side

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Shadow By AbyssOfFlame Completed

What happens if one day Kuroko Tetsuya's calm demeanor and deadpan expression was replaced by violent and dangerous personality? Will Seirin be able to survive?

New basketball rival arrives and the darker side of Kuroko Tetsuya appears...

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko's Basketball and all its characters they all belong to Tadatoshi Fujimaki. I only own the plot of this fanfiction.

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seiranshizuka seiranshizuka Nov 22, 2017
After the game, they are usually very tired. I doubt that part
bellawellakella bellawellakella Oct 20, 2017
Ok so I need too get a box full of weapons 
                              •    •
verASkeptikal verASkeptikal Oct 18, 2017
I am in love with the new Kuroko. Mas gusto ko na siya ngayon
LinA-rt LinA-rt Oct 05, 2017
That evil smirk when every thing goes dark around you and eyes flash, smirk
FadingShadow333 FadingShadow333 Dec 30, 2016
I didn't imagine a smirk..... I imagined a murderous maniacal smile....
Strghtfrwrd_idiot Strghtfrwrd_idiot Oct 22, 2015
Ish ok. This story for me is actually amazing, keep up the work author-san \(^o^)/