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The Alpha's Seduction (Published)

The Alpha's Seduction (Published)

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La_Rose_Semsem By La_Rose_Semsem Completed

"You're such a conceited, arrogant bastard!"

In a heartbeat, he had my back against the wall. "I'm your conceited, arrogant bastard," he countered intensely. He was so close I could feel his body heat, yet not close enough to touch. I dampened my lips mechanically and his eyes followed the gesture hungrily. He closed the gap between us and leaned in a little so that his breath caressed my cheek, "I'm also very persistent. I always get what I want." 
I saw the unveiled determination in his eyes and my throat suddenly felt really dry. I gulped down nervously as a shiver of pure, unadulterated, unwanted want went down my spine. My heart was drumming against my ribcage, and I was soon taking small shallow breaths. "You're not unaffected by me," he whispered against the soft skin beneath my ear, while smothering it with butterfly kisses, "that's good to know." I could almost feel the smirk in his words.
She was a loner, and she liked it that way. She lived by one sole rule: No attention, no boys, no drama, no troubles. And it worked for her just fine --until he came, that is. Jonathan was a new student; a hot new student and he definitely knew it. Add to that the fact that he's a werewolf, all strong and possessive male, and he was damn proud about it. 
To her utter despair, he took interest in her... her life shall never be the same again.    

-- Previously known as: Did You Have To Bite Me Alpha? --
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Judgemental. What's so wrong with other chicks fanning over this one dude? It's they're own lives and if they chose to voice how they feel about stuff then let em be 🙄 no need to be so bitchy about it. Does every chick have to be a slut to make her the special, down to earth, cool girl? 😳
This for some reason reminds me of 13 reasons why and I don't even like that show
Ambertakeover Ambertakeover Aug 29, 2016
OMG her attraction for him reached a spiritual level now 😂
bbarreda bbarreda Jul 06, 2016
Damn I forgot how sluts acted at school. Thank God I already graduated.
deedee0403 deedee0403 Jun 15, 2016
Shakespeare came back from the dead and inhabits a thirsty girl 😂😂
mangaluv mangaluv Mar 13, 2016
Its so weird when i read a story and the main character is a minor