The Venomous Wangfei

The Venomous Wangfei

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Theresah Morales By hasereht Updated Jun 10, 2019

She was betrayed and killed by her most beloved

She was reborn as the di or eldest miss of prime minister

She was poisoned by her relatives
She was to be married to the most terrifying 2nd prince
She is the disgraced of the family

Being tortured and neglected all those years...i will make them pay 100x

I the invicible 21st century assasin..well versed in the field of poison and medicine..

Her family begging for her forgiveness but she only look at them with disgust and contempt.

She survived all the trials and met different kind of people  but she really cannot understand this man in front of her.

"You are two - faced, iceberg and the most jerk of all..

"Wife you are the most cunning, and temptress of were the same.."

And he suddenly carry her and throw her at the enormous bed.