Falling For Mr. Popular

Falling For Mr. Popular

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Regina George By Just_Being_Happy Updated Dec 25, 2015

Getting detention on the very first day of Senior Year wasn't exactly what Chelsea Davis' planned. 

Getting detention on the very first day of Senior Year is exactly what Spencer Harris had planned. 

What happens when you put these two troubled teens along with a couple of delinquents in detention together? You get a prank that lands them in serious trouble, of course. 


Hiiiii potential reader! :) This is my very first story on Wattpad or really anywhere. So, please give it a chance. :)

@AnnSophieGuenette and this is literally me and SkinnyJeans 😹😹🙈
Wait, I'm so confused. I thought she got detention earlier when the freshmen spilt the coffee on her.
Same name😹 well the "Alyssa" part and if it was with an "i" (:
I'm sorry but I almost died laughing when I read 'his very lickable abbs'😂
Can I just say that few (one) times I gotten detention, I actually loved it? It forces you to be quiet and do work. It's great.
getoverit_bish getoverit_bish Dec 31, 2015
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