Wolf and tiger

Wolf and tiger

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Matte-chan By MatteSe3 Updated 2 days ago

One day when the infamous Straw Hat crew decided to plunder a marine base on treasure they found more than just gold and riches. A secret tunnel. A hidden room. And a bewildering woman kept as a prisoner in the deepest pit of the base. Who was she and what's with her mysterious past?
Zoro Roronoa, what's his problem?  What does he know? 

What could it favor a wolf to confront a tiger?  

Follow Tala's journey to discover her past with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates. 

  The world of One Piece belongs to its creator - Eiichiro Oda. 
  The storyline, some art, new characters and islands are made by me - Matte-chan. 
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  Thank you so much and enjoy!