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Mistake by dream_reader_write
Mistakeby dream_reader_write
Jessica made a wrong decision and now she is regretting it every single day. She is trying to win back her wife and her family , but the more she tries to prove her love...
Let's Start From Here (TaeNy) by downrightweird
Let's Start From Here (TaeNy)by MoMoring Madness♥
Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Hwang, the most famous couple in the Kpop girl group Girls' Generation. What does these two going on with? Why do the fans keep shipping their pa...
When A Stranger Kisses You by kimkairi
When A Stranger Kisses Youby Kim Kairi
People say that, a true love's kiss can solve everything. But what if, it's not your true love's kiss that solved your problems? What if, you don't even know the person...
We Got Babies by Soshi_baby05
We Got Babiesby 이민지
Jessica Jung hates going back to Seoul because of two people who broke her heart, one is her father who left them to be with another woman, another is Her ex-boyfriend w...
Beside You by brxxxs
Beside Youby M U L T I F A N D O M
Twenty-three year old, Amber Liu living with her own rules. While her parents live in LA, United States. Every months her parents send her money, not small amount. She l...
The Perfect Wish by Yhan-yhanManaois
The Perfect Wishby yhanyhan812
What is the definition of a HAPPY ENDING when it comes to love?
Weird Step Brothers [COMPLETED] by vousmeretrouve
Weird Step Brothers [COMPLETED]by 미아
Ketika Krystal Jung kehilangan Kang Minhyuk, seorang yang sangat berharga untuknya. Saat itu pula Josh datang sebagai saudara tiri dan menghiburnya. Bagaimana jika Kryst...
★ Incorrect SNSD Quotes by flame_309
★ Incorrect SNSD Quotesby flame_309
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The Boys Are Ours by silentyoo
The Boys Are Oursby JustShutUp
Four popular boys are so called as 'Knights' meets four new girls that are so called as 'Princesses' collided in one academy. Problems,Jealousy,Fights and misunderstandi...
Congratulations by baboblueboy
Congratulationsby baboblueboy
Yulsic: Kwon Yuri and Jessica Jung has been dating for about 5 months. After a 1 year hits, Jessica has been distant and suddenly lost contacted with Yuri. Yuri tries to...
Soshi Academia : First Chapter by YurMione17
Soshi Academia : First Chapterby YurMione17
9 girls. One Academy. This is a story of friendship, love, and everything that goes with it. All written are for purely entertainment purposes only. Let us support the...
[LONGFIC] ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU! [YULSIC] [FULL] by loveintheice0802
HE OR SE! Au thiết nghĩ nên có một cái SE thì hay biết mấy! WARNING: 1 - Đối với những ai anti mý gái hâm thời đại của đại gia đình SONES mong các bạn hãy CLICK BACK th...
Tình Yêu ss2 - Yulsic, Taeny, Yoonhyun [Re-up] by NoriYoonaddict
Tình Yêu ss2 - Yulsic, Taeny, Yoon...by Nori Yoonaddict
Mình tìm đọc truyện này trên wattpad mà thấy truyện bị lỗi nên up lại. Đây là truyện được DA cover lại từ khá lâu rồi. Have fun~
[Shortfic] Ghét Người Nào Trời Trao Của Đó [Yulsic] by blue_eyes1327
[Shortfic] Ghét Người Nào Trời Tra...by Con mèo nhỏ của dòng họ Hwang
Jessica từng ước mộng hẹn hò với anh nào đẹp trai phong độ để đi chung có thể vênh váo với cả thiên hạ. Mà thường thế thì phải đi kèm là doanh nhân/con nhà danh gia, có...
Rumored Player (TaeNy&YulSic) by soneyouknow
Rumored Player (TaeNy&YulSic)by SONE
Kim Taeyeon and Kwon Yuri... From left to right u could hear their name. The heirs of their own family with highly intelligent brain. On the other hand there's Tiffany...
The Lover Archetype by kimkairi
The Lover Archetypeby Kim Kairi
When A Stranger Kisses You Sequel~ By : Keywon