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Sister Of Games by CyberSpaceWarrior
Sister Of Gamesby CyberSpaceWarrior
What if Yugi had an older sister? How would she have affected the events of the show? Well here is the answer. This will follow through the events of what happened in Y...
  • yami
  • yugi
  • yugioh
Back to Back (Yugi/Yami x Reader) by versace_nightingale
Back to Back (Yugi/Yami x Reader)by versace_nightingale
(Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfic) Rivera (you) and Yugi have been friends for what feels like ages. But after a few years, he looks more like his age, and much more handsome. You don't...
  • yugioh
  • yugi
  • xreader
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My Fate by AitoLight
My Fateby Marinathediabolicduelist
Segunda temporada de:único, Yuya, Yugo, Yuto y Yuri han ido a la ciudad para encontrar una manera de detener a Leo, pero no todo es fácil, deben enfrentar grandes obstac...
  • ray
  • ruri
  • yuyasonhermanos
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unforgettable memories (yugiohxreader) by thegamersqueen_Rui
unforgettable memories (yugiohxrea...by thegamersqueen_Rui
the story taking place in Domino city. you, who have a millennium item, meets with Yugi who already destined to complete the millennium puzzle. fate leads you to meet w...
  • tea
  • characterxreader
  • atem
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Yugioh OneShots! by CyberSpaceWarrior
Yugioh OneShots!by CyberSpaceWarrior
This will be from all the Yugioh universes.
  • yami
  • yugi
Shadow Justice by LightofShadows
Shadow Justiceby LightofShadows
For most humans, there is the Justice League. For Shadow users, there is the Shadow Court. Someone has been playing Shadow Games in Starling City, USA, resulting in deat...
  • thiefshipping
  • green
  • kaiba
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Supersonic Vocals Yu-Gi-Oh: Yugi x reader by Dreamfire90
Supersonic Vocals Yu-Gi-Oh: Yugi x...by Samyah Burt
Your name is y/n. You are a young girl with a special power. You had the power for Ultrasonic Voice. You had a beautiful and powerful voice. But you had a rough and diff...
  • yami
  • joey
  • yugi
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Yu Gi Oh images ! by YugiChlo
Yu Gi Oh images !by YugiChloé
Images ! ^^
  • yugi
  • tout
  • yugioh
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met you at a crime scene by xanixme_loxvexrx
met you at a crime sceneby xanime_loverx
yugi was about 6 yrs old when he was out on a night stroll with his parents, all of a sudden a masked man comes out of nowhere, gun in hand..."BANG"..what happ...
  • atem
  • puzzleshipping
  • depression
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Lost Millennium Item  by Sapphirethehedgecat
Lost Millennium Item by Sapphire Cipher the hedgecat
Yugi's grandfather had gotten off the phone with someone. Someone had just found a new tomb that was really hard to get to. Yugi, Yami, and their friends decide to join...
  • yamibakura
  • yugixyami
  • yugi
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Hot or Not? [YGO] by PrincessZombieex
Hot or Not? [YGO]by PrincessZombieex
❥ YGO Style! ❥ ↬ It's time to rate the characters we love (and hate) from the anime & films. ♧ Includes characters from all seasons of the anime & films; will possibly...
  • yumatsukumo
  • yuseifudo
  • yugioharcv
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Fuck, Marry, Kill [YGO] by PrincessZombieex
Fuck, Marry, Kill [YGO]by PrincessZombieex
❥ YGO Style! ❥ ↬ Now it's your turn to decide your fate; who will be lucky and who will be unlucky? ♧ Includes characters from all seasons of the anime & films. ↴ I do n...
  • yamiyugi
  • kastle
  • fuckmarrykill
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Werewolf's mate Yu-Gi-Oh by Readergirl579
Werewolf's mate Yu-Gi-Ohby Mikaela
While Yugi's brother away the wolf will play.
  • yami
  • yu-gi-oh
  • yugi
Singularidades by Dezato
Singularidadesby Dezato
Yugi es un chico con la habilidad de presagiar sucesos futuros a base de sus sueños, con grandes sentimientos pero ideas confusas se enfrenta a una serie de altibajos re...
  • yugioh
  • yugi
  • slash
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Yugioh Yami x reader - water Love  by tobi8112
Yugioh Yami x reader - water Love by tobi8112
A merman falls for a human girl. Desperate to have her affection, he finds a way to go her attention but if he success, will she love him back? find out!!
  • yami
  • yugi
Tested by Time [Yami Yugi x Reader] by PrincessZombieex
Tested by Time [Yami Yugi x Reader]by PrincessZombieex
[Slow Updates] ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Brought back my most popular book to date! ~~~~ Time can be either cruel or kind. It can rip apart and destroy everything in its path or it can h...
  • romantic
  • atem
  • pharaohatemxreader
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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Tournament Of Dueling by DarkHope570
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Tournament Of Duelingby DarkHope570
The top 14 best duelists chosen by Maximilian Pegasus will face each other in the Tournament of Dueling. Duelists between Duel Monsters and Next Generation will face off...
  • yugiohfanfic
  • yugioh
  • aster
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Oh Shit (Requested Oneshot) by UkeYugixSemeYami16
Oh Shit (Requested Oneshot)by Sparky
(JenSennen) Yugi got kidnapped by two thieves. They hid him in a warehouse and demanded millions to get them back. But what happens when the three fall in love?
  • blind
  • puzzle
  • mobiumshipping
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Yu-gi-oh Waking the dragons  by beckdog56
Yu-gi-oh Waking the dragons by beckdog56
Rebecca wheeler is joey's little sister, she came to live with him after battle city. She became good friends with the rest of the gang, and grew especially found of a c...
  • yugimuto
  • kiaba
  • season4
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Yu-gi-oh capsule monsters  by beckdog56
Yu-gi-oh capsule monsters by beckdog56
This is the sequel to Yu-gi-oh waking the dragons. So go read that one first if you haven't already! With Dartz in the past, the gang heads back to their "normal&qu...
  • tristan
  • pharaoh
  • capsulmonsters
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