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Apollo LeFay. (Orion Black Love Story) by actuallykys
Apollo LeFay. (Orion Black Love St...by whyiseveryusernametaken
Apollo transfers to Hogwarts in his sixth year. There he meets four boys. Orion Black, Theseus Lestrange, Abraxas Malfoy and Tom Riddle.
Growing up Pureblooded by RiddleMaster19
Growing up Purebloodedby RiddleMaster
What would happen if Harry Potter was saved from the Dursley's and instead raised as the pureblooded son of Sirius Black. Will he end up following in the path that seems...
Look at Me | Hermione Granger x Female OC (Book 1) by allthebeststories
Look at Me | Hermione Granger x Fe...by allthebeststories
Despite the struggles that come with transferring to a new school in the middle of the year, Ellie Evans finds that she'll also have to face tragedy, enemies, and hardsh...
After the War by LaurenFemM
After the Warby LaurenFemM
Follow the main characters as they begin to rebuild their lives immediately after the Second Wizarding War. The story will be realistic and has all canon relationships...
Fight With Me | Hermione Granger x Female OC (Book 2) by allthebeststories
Fight With Me | Hermione Granger x...by allthebeststories
Trying to cope with Cedric's death, Ellie Evans seeks to avenge him by becoming a member of Dumbledore's Army. With the addition of new enemies at Hogwarts, Ellie strugg...
Trust Me | Hermione Granger x Female OC (Book 3) by allthebeststories
Trust Me | Hermione Granger x Fema...by allthebeststories
As Ellie's friends recover from the events from last year, Hogwarts is brewing with mystery and darkness. Betrayal and disloyalty arises as Hermione and Ellie attempt to...
Masquerade¹ →  Tom Riddle ✓ by saskiahdlt
Masquerade¹ → Tom Riddle ✓by ˗ˏˋsaskiaˊˎ˗
When Evelyn returned for her Fifth Year at Hogwarts, she expected everything to be the same. But when Dumbledore gives her a task to infiltrate Tom Riddle's gang, to ste...
His Only || Newt Scamander by okayjhannah
His Only || Newt Scamanderby okay.j.hannah
Adelaide has made a decision that will change her life indefinitely - moving to Great Britain and surprising the supposed love of her life. But as a feared prison outbre...
Removing the Dark Mark (Drarry Angst) by JinkiesScoobs
Removing the Dark Mark (Drarry Ang...by Jinkies Scoobs
Moaning Myrtle tells Harry about a boy coming to the girls bathroom to cry, but his attention is really captured when he is told that the boy is Draco Malfoy. Harry must...
Enchanted by Arvione
Enchantedby Arvy
Y/N Callista Yaxley didn't know what to do because of what she did. She wanted to make it up yet everything seems not right into place. She just wanted to be with her. ...
A Year Abroad (Hermione/Viktor) by paigelindssay
A Year Abroad (Hermione/Viktor)by Paige Lindsay
In an alternative universe, Hermione is at the end of her third year, the war is over and Dumbledore has been told he must send her, along with some of her fellow studen...
An Awesome Addition by Ravenna30
An Awesome Additionby Ravenna
[COMPLETED] Hey! This is a fem!Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover. Percy Jackson is a daughter of Poseidon and is a witch. She's been attending Hogwarts since she...
Drarry by galacticnerd221
Drarryby Galactic Nerd
After the Wizarding War, all the students who didn't complete their final year at Hogwarts have been invited to return. For Harry, this year is going to be trialling. D...
Masquerade¹ → Tom Riddle [Rewritten] ✓ by saskiahdlt
Masquerade¹ → Tom Riddle [Rewritte...by ˗ˏˋsaskiaˊˎ˗
Evelyn expected her Fifth Year at Hogwarts to be like every other, but as the year unfolds, she finds herself beginning to fall off the path she had envisioned for herse...
The Doctor's Wizard- Twilight by jessie_bell2001
The Doctor's Wizard- Twilightby Slytherin Queen
Everything is not as it seems. Harriet was the twin sister of Harry Potter, and the adopted sister of Bella Swan, a accident prone muggle. Harriet grew up with Charlie...
Astoria → Draco Malfoy by saskiahdlt
Astoria → Draco Malfoyby ˗ˏˋsaskiaˊˎ˗
As Astoria Greengrass returns for her final year at Hogwarts, she realises that the dark magic did not die alongside Voldemort. Forces still wish to fulfil his desires...
When Curses Linger by SnakeOfFate
When Curses Lingerby SnakeOfFate
First and foremost this is a Harry Potter fan fiction, it is set in the HP universe alongside the main storyline however, I intend to write my own story alongside that o...
Mirabel and The Seer's Secret by Lava_Serpant
Mirabel and The Seer's Secretby Lava Serpent
Mirabel has never been happier or more confident in her entire life. She has her papi back out of the walls, she has a new Primo in Harry, and she has never felt more ac...
Light in Oblivion [Narcissa/Lucius, Second Wizarding War] by TheSlytherinRose
Light in Oblivion [Narcissa/Lucius...by TheSlytherinRose
As the Wizarding World becomes aware of the Dark Lord's return, Narcissa Malfoy struggles to understand what it means for her family and their future. Shortly after Luci...
Unravelled²  → Tom Riddle ✓ by saskiahdlt
Unravelled² → Tom Riddle ✓by ˗ˏˋsaskiaˊˎ˗
Tom Riddle has never been defeated. From his very first duel at Hogwarts to his final battle; every battle he's ever fought in has been dominated by him, but as the firs...