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[Rude to Nice] Bully!Female! Vaporeon x Male Leafeon by MagicalJigglyNuts
[Rude to Nice] Bully!Female! ▇Gylix▇
A poor leafeon travels through the rain, searching for shelter. when hope is almost lost, a certain vaporeon and her trainer find him. read to find out more!
Eeveelution Squad by MauroAquaglow
Eeveelution Squadby Eeveelution21
Pokemon (c) Nintendo - - Story and Art by PKM-150 Chapters: - 1: Friends and Family (45 pages): Speed, Cris, Flare and Sunshine move to a...
Fairy Tail Eeveelution by KindredHikari
Fairy Tail Eeveelutionby KindredHikari
Elena is a Pokémon trainer who wants something better in life. Being the champion of the Kalos region was fun at first, but now it's just a burden to her life. She wants...
Shatter Me (flareon x glaceon) by ThunderStorm-bringer
Shatter Me (flareon x glaceon)by ThunderStorm-bringer
A flareon with a horrible past, meets a lonely glaceon. glaceon has trouble showing emotions to the other pokemon around her. flareon has been through some scarring even...
Moonlit Waves (Vaporeon x Umbreon) by Sir_Egios
Moonlit Waves (Vaporeon x Umbreon)by TheMonsterHunter
Wave, for as long as he can remember, has lived in Sunspire Town. Life is normal and calm, and that's how Wave likes it. But when a family of eeveelutions move into town...
Eeveelution Five (Season One) by SinningFlame
Eeveelution Five (Season One)by SinningFlame
"We love you both to no end. We'll always love you... 'Till the very end." Spark, a 15 year old in an advanced version in the Pokémon world where Pokémon live...
The Voices (ESAU) by AquaJeth
The Voices (ESAU)by AquaJeth
Interact with the cinnamon roll!
Ask or dare the Eeveelutions! by Zianbloxthegreat
Ask or dare the Eeveelutions!by Zian brave david E. aba
Hello! I've seen people do this a lot, so..well...why not join in?
Ups and Downs (An Eeveelution story/Pokemon drama) by ChaosSoulWrites
Ups and Downs (An Eeveelution Chaos
Hoshi the sylveon and her eeveelution friends are pets to their trainer Sara. One fateful day, Hooman (Sara) brings home a wild umbreon named Kage that escaped from the...
Eeveelution Five (Season Two) by SinningFlame
Eeveelution Five (Season Two)by SinningFlame
The Alola region. A place where Pokémon tend to spend their summer vacations, compete in friendly tournaments, or they might even decide to live there. The first instanc...
Eeveelutions by Zals46
Eeveelutionsby Zals46
Always wonder what the Eeveelutions are up too well take a look and find out.
ES: Speezuli by Protont
ES: Speezuliby Protont
This is an AU of Eeveelotion squad which is a comic created by EV-Zero. This is my AU of Eeveelotion Squad. This Au focuses mostly SpeedxLazuli(and little bit of other s...
EEVEELUTION SQUAD Better Timelineby 🔆Solar LTT💠
This story continues the end of the 12B chapter but the trend is better. Lazuli began to show more affection for Speed and Pearl began to bring Black back to him in a fo...
Blossoming in Sinnoh(Pokémon Journey) by Flareon_Blue
Blossoming in Sinnoh(Pokémon Flareon_Blue
Meet Cayla Lorian, a young girl from Sangem Town who is about to start her Journey through Sinnoh as a Coordinator. With her new Partner, CC, she has plans to Blossom in...
Eeveelution squad rewriten  by Blueant56
Eeveelution squad rewriten by Blueant56
This is the story of Eeveelution squad rewriten in a way that it fixes the flaws that Zero's original story had. I will change this, such as the berserk virus and how it...
Roommate Troubles: A Jolteon's Journey (Hiatus) by FancyStevesTie
Roommate Troubles: A Jolteon's FancyStevesTie
This is my first story I've been thinking of ideas for a while now and this is the story I've decided I wanted to go with something original for an eeveelution story and...
Eeveelution Expert (Leon x Fem!Reader) by JackInABoxx
Eeveelution Expert (Leon x Fem! Katrina
(Name), older sister of twins Victor and Gloria, moves back home to Galar after a long few years studying in the Kalos region. She eventually decides to take on the Gym...
Safe Haven by squishy_eevee
Safe Havenby Skunk
Reina is your average Pokémon. Her whole life she's lived in a small town with her dad. With his help, she practices battling everyday. She actually very good at it, too...
The Spark in the Snow by Thominasaus
The Spark in the Snowby Thomiña
This is a love story between a glaceon and a jolteon. (And maybe between other eeveelutions, but to find that out I'm afraid you're gonna have to read my book😅). This b...