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Motherly Love by GreenEggsalad
Motherly Loveby GreenEggsalad
Harry gets sad sometimes, he can't help it. He's constantly thinking about his dead parents, and what life would have been like if they were here. It really gets him dow...
I'm Not Dreaming by BubblesdaShrimp
I'm Not Dreamingby BubblesdaShrimp
This is a story about the average 15 year old girl whose life kinda sucks and she wants an escape from reality. She didn't know that she actually could.
Certified Cow Exterminators by frog_master_race
Certified Cow Exterminatorsby Hot Pantsu
Toad and Yoshi are the most reliable cow exterminators in the Mushroom Kingdom, but this doesn't mean that things always go smoothly. Together, the two must undergo many...
thirteen old hotels by helenthepumpkinlady
thirteen old hotelsby helen
(100 themes challenge) short musings and poetic rambles, with no story in particular to tie them together. topics provided by amika-sterling of deviantart.
M**eta has sex with a vacuum by eatbug
M**eta has sex with a vacuumby ‏‏‎ ‎Rusty
I am running out of ideas helppp
Needle by gingerline2011
Needleby gingerline2011
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Restaurant by warlordism1917
Restaurantby warlordism1917
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Baby by shiftless1942
Babyby shiftless1942
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Balloon by bescutcheon1940
Balloonby bescutcheon1940
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Horoscope by searchment1949
Horoscopeby searchment1949
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Dress by thalassinoid1929
Dressby thalassinoid1929
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Freeway by hydrion1923
Freewayby hydrion1923
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Spot Light by pyrogenesia1987
Spot Lightby pyrogenesia1987
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