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A Fathers Love by xTraptasticalx
A Fathers Loveby xTraptasticalx
A Father's Love takes you through a walk of life through drug trades and murders, just an average high school girl living an average life, based all on a True Story. Thi...
The Hidden Mind by _babylency
The Hidden Mindby Valencía
The hidden mind is a book of poetry. It is my misinterpreted story, the most beautiful misunderstood thing about me. It will be a collect of chapters from my personal po...
Scary stories😮😮 (Dansk) by itz_a_mee
Scary stories😮😮 (Dansk)by Global_sasha
En lille bog fyldt med urban legender og u hyggelige historier😬😬
I Am Moesha by saditty_tay
I Am Moeshaby saditty_tay
My momma taught me how to be a boss bitch Came out the pussy wit all the sauce bitch Dese nigges be trynna run game on me They must thought i was lame i see These bomb...