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Just For You (UmiEli fanfic)(Futanari)(AU) by YuriWriter
Just For You (UmiEli fanfic)( YuriWriter30
Eli Ayase is popularly known for her delinquency in the campus, but despite that, she is more intelligent than the others. The teachers sometimes dislike her and sometim...
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Random Love Live stuff by thelala123
Random Love Live stuffby Unknown :P
Just random stuff related to love live. The anime, game and just my thoughts on some stuff.
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Love Live x Reader One Shots by dietnukacola
Love Live x Reader One Shotsby 🐝Cutie Honey🐝
Requests: CLOSED! Currently working on 17 requests
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Chasing Tails | LoveLive Soldier Game Trio AU | Futa by radiolive
Chasing Tails | LoveLive Soldier R4D!.0 L1V3
"Reports in Akihabara say that there has been a sighting on, what looks like three large wolves. Police say if you encounter one of these creatures; do not panic, s...
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Love Live! Swapped by FayeTheFab
Love Live! Swappedby FayeTheFab
Honoka wakes up alone one afternoon after her classes finish, slightly confused and worried as to why she is by herself. She tours around the school and comes across th...
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Love Live! Reunite! by FayeTheFab
Love Live! Reunite!by FayeTheFab
It's been five years since Maki, Rin and Hanayo have left school, and seven years since μ's broke up. As much as all nine girls tried, their new lives made them unable t...
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Love Live x Reader ♡ by JSRestia
Love Live x Reader ♡by YSKR 愛
A bunch of oneshots for these 9 lovely girls :)
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Love Live! One Shots (u's & Aqours)  by dusk_drawings
Love Live! One Shots (u's & parfaitgay
Once upon a time there were two idol groups from Japan, filled with 18 teenage girls that have stolen the hearts of thousands (as well as each other), who also happened...
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Tsubasa ! I'm pregnant !! by Hukkiii
Tsubasa ! I'm pregnant !!by Daddy
Contains g!p or Futanari whatever you like to call it. Mostly a humor and romance filled story between the muse family. Summary: Book 3 of the I'm Pregnant series!!! I...
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Idol Love: The Livemaster! by LeeHavensnug
Idol Love: The Livemaster!by Lee Susanto
Rin Hoshizora membuat kesalahan dengan mengira Chihaya Kisaragi sebagai Umi saat berada di bandara. Sedangkan Umi Sonoda yang tersesat terpaksa mengikuti grup 765 Pro ya...
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Partner For Life (ElixUmi fanfiction AU) by YuriWriter
Partner For Life (ElixUmi YuriWriter30
Umi Sonoda is just an ordinary girl that likes to read and write stories. All her life,she wanted to experience a love story just like in the story she was writing. In t...
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Love Live x Reader | One Shots by Sasayaki-cchi
Love Live x Reader | One Shotsby 𝒽𝓊𝓈𝒽 𝒽𝓊𝓈𝒽
Requests are open Currently only writing for Muse Mostly Fem x Fem (Yuri) Maturity rating may change
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You're Mine ♥ (KotoUmi Fanfic) by trashuxmerry
You're Mine ♥ (KotoUmi Fanfic)by Merry Nozoeli Yuri Lemon Smut...
Two girls, by the name of Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda, have been best friends since they first met many many years ago. Now second years at Otonokizaka High School alon...
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A Bird That Lives By the Water  by Dyrannn
A Bird That Lives By the Water by Dyrannn
Kotori Minami has a small crush on her childhood friend, Umi Sonoda. With the help of her other friend and wingwoman, Honoka Kousaka, will she be able to confess her tru...
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Love live! (Sunshine!!) x female! reader by xXhannahlovesyouXx
Love live! (Sunshine!!) x ☆:.NICO'S NOCKERS
Gotta love those singing gay girls
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Girls' Night (KotoUmi) by Gabrililly
Girls' Night (KotoUmi)by Gabby
A KotoUmi oneshot ~ Umi finds herself alone with Kotori on a Friday night. Was Honoka cancelling on them a curse or a blessing?
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Futari Happiness by LilyWeiss7
Futari Happinessby Lily Weiss
Sonoda Umi never thought she would live a different college life, unfortunately not everything in her life would be all calculated as she wanted. Alternative summary: so...
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HTLYV: Slick, Hot, Horny, Summer! by Hukkiii
HTLYV: Slick, Hot, Horny, Summer!by Daddy
The girls have mandatory community service hours to fill up so ex-fraternity leader Eli Ayase and sorority leader Nozomi Tojo signs them all up as counselors for a sleep...
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Love Live! Fanfic. - Distant Memories by aeniozxl
Love Live! Fanfic. - Distant Seven Beta
Sakishima Shin's sole purpose was to deliver a letter. However, unusual circumstances have erupted, so now he lives under the same roof as Sonoda Umi, his childhood frie...
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Their forgotten love by YoshikoThefallenange
Their forgotten loveby Kote
After 6 months hiding from the most dangerous organization "OFKP" (or organization for killing people) our main character and secret agent Umi Sonoda returns h...
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