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Little Boy // Supernatural by cas_in_a_teacup
Little Boy // Supernaturalby Alex
When a witch spell sends Castiel spiraling back into his terrible two's, what could go wrong with power like his? Deaged! Castiel AU started : May 18, 2019 ended : auth...
  • michifer
  • gay
  • samstiel
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The Dark Web by vanyaa5
The Dark Webby vanyaa5
The Dark Web is the part of the internet that can't be accesed without a specific software. There are many different kind of people, starting from serial killers to pedo...
  • darkweb
  • web
  • killer
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Comfort Zone (Miyabi X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Comfort Zone (Miyabi X Reader)by AJ Torres
Miyabi has a hard case on her hands. Very nervous around boys, too soft spoken, and then lacking of believing herself. She along with her friends are about to face many...
  • absoluteduo
  • tor
  • tomoe
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A Few New Poems... by Ademc77
A Few New Ade M. Campbell
A few new poems... I started writing with poetry. I don't write much anymore but now and then a few come into the mind. You can check out my early volume of poetry, avai...
  • flicker
  • poem
  • new
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Darker Places by RadioSpirit
Darker Placesby RadioSpirit
[#887 in Short Story- March 13, 2016] This is a story about the deep web, but it's more than that- this is a story about human beings. It's about the popular girl who s...
  • tor
  • tbca
  • horror
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The Matrix by GabrielVelasquez413
The Matrixby Gabriel Velasquez
Just an Article from Read it at your own risks If this get enough support i can publish another article from
  • hiddenwiki
  • onion
  • tor
Celestial Secrets by AqeelaAmeenMajeed23
Celestial Secretsby ✨UnapologeticallyMe✨
Imagine a world of magic and malice, serenity and secrets, love and lies. Imagine a world where there are only 12 countries, all named after the celestial zodiacs. Arie...
  • rayyana
  • secrets
  • tor
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My Adventures On The Dark Web [18+] by TealDeuce
My Adventures On The Dark Web [18+]by ♥ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛⓘⓝⓐ♥
You may have thought you knew the Internet. But even God has not prepared you for the madness that lurks beneath the surface. Join me, Deuce, in this highly horrifying b...
  • black
  • web
  • market
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Loke är tillbaka by TristanWerner
Loke är tillbakaby Tristan Verner
Tor patrullerar genom fängelset på Asgård. Alla fångar buar och slår på väggarna mot honom. Han sucker högt och sänker huvudet. -Det är ert fel, ropar han till dem. Alla...
  • avengers
  • ironman
  • marvel
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Nimrod Twice Born by Nimrodtwiceborn
Nimrod Twice Bornby Lyn J Pickering
From the moment that Salome, the daughter of Herodias, demanded the head of John-the-Baptist on a platter, a process was set in motion that still redounds across the cen...
  • diana
  • world
  • conspiracy
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Same Ways (twilight nightshade and TMI crossover) by Erimi_Black25
Same Ways (twilight nightshade Erica
Leah is not happy with her life, so she runs away. Calla didn't like the other people making choices for her, so she runs away. Maia was tired of falling in love with th...
  • crossover
  • twilight
  • clearwater
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SWTOR Character Introductions by NuCookies
SWTOR Character Introductionsby NuCookies
A small introduction to my SWTOR characters, since they'll probably appear in all of my stories. Keep in mind that the background stories are a W.I.P, since I only just...
  • tor
  • characters
  • jediconsular
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Stuck in a Photograph (Compilation) by mawi cataran (EP #50-real epi is up!) by fragile333
Stuck in a Photograph ( Mawi
STUCK IN A PHOTOGRAPH compilation para sa mga mobile readers.
  • escape
  • red
  • fragile333
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Sweet Sixteen by darth-bubbles
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Bailee
Seth Avery has never been one for dramatic flair or heroics, but when he's assigned to the crew of the Endar Spire the eve of his sixteenth birthday, his world is turned...
  • star
  • wars
  • knights
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Pasand Ki Shadi Me Bandish or Rukawat Ka Tor In Urdu&&≾≼≼BEGUM AFSANA KHAN≽≽≿ && by begumafsanakhan
Pasand Ki Shadi Me Bandish or begum afsana khan
Pasand Ki Shadi Me Bandish or Rukawat Ka Tor In Urdu&&≾≼≼BEGUM AFSANA KHAN≽≽≿ && Don't Waste Time Call For Immediate Solution INDIA'S WORLD FAMOUS ASTROLOGER GOLD MEDALI...
  • rukawat
  • shadi
  • tor
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