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I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic by ScorpionCyclone555
I'm So Glad I Found You : ScorpionCyclone555
Young girl with a name and a past, that's all they know and that's all she'll tell. She's scared, strong and all alone in this world. Not for long though, perhaps she's...
Memories  - A Scorpion Fanfiction by FandomAndBooks14
Memories - A Scorpion Fanfictionby FandomAndBooks14
Follow Alexa and team Scorpion, a group of super-geniuses led by the eccentric Walter O'Brien Scorpion Season One - Ongoing Alexa x Toby Semi-Irregular updates - Cross-p...
The Time is Now by quintislover92214
The Time is Nowby quintislover92214
This story takes place just weeks after Joy Quinn-Curtis was born. Happy and Toby, trying to adjust to parenthood is quite difficult. Geniuses who barley understand thei...
Unexpected Miracles(A Baby Quintis) by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Unexpected Miracles(A Baby Quintis)by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Happy is pregnant and wondering how on earth she is going to be a good mother when she can't even understand herself but her and Toby will learn through it, because afte...
Together by Quintislover
Togetherby Bronwyn
The team works on a case that could affect Toby and Happy's personal lives.
A Fedora Filled with Hope- A Scorpion Fanfic by DottieBot
A Fedora Filled with Hope- A Dottie Harley
Alice has been alive for exactly nine years, eight months and twenty-one days. When she was four, her father left, leaving her with nothing but a promise and a hat. When...
Kidnapped by Quintislover
Kidnappedby Bronwyn
Happy gets kidnapped and it's up to Toby and the cyclone to save her.
That's My Seat (Quintis AU) by ScorpionCyclone555
That's My Seat (Quintis AU)by ScorpionCyclone555
"You're sitting in the booth I always sit in but you refuse to move and I refuse to let you have it so we end up sharing a booth"
Scorpion by Scorpionquintiss
Scorpionby Scorpionquintiss
When Mark collins escapes prision, hes looking for revenge. Will our favourite team of geniuses beat him or crumble under his dirty, dirty battle tactics? Watch relation...
Agent O'Brien | Scorpion [COMING SOON] by NovaMarieStark
Agent O'Brien | Scorpion [COMING Nova Stark
Keira O'Brien is an NCIS special agent out of the LA office, but her family doesn't know. She doesn't want them to. Especially not Walter. She kept it a secret for years...
Waige Caught by Waige_is_my_drug
Waige Caughtby Waige_is_my_drug
This is my first fanfic ever, so please don't hate. It is a waige fanfic, and they get "caught" kissing (and maybe something a little bit more😏)
Cosmogyral | Scorpion  by Canary_queen
Cosmogyral | Scorpion by Canary
(adj.) whirling around the universe. In which Team Scorpion is aided by a fifteen-year-old to save a billionaire's daughter from a drug cartel in exchange for an America...
Genius Sisters: Scorpion by scorpion200
Genius Sisters: Scorpionby scorpion200
Two sisters, who are both geniuses with different talents, have lived together since they were young. Their mom died of a drug overdose and their dad is in jail. They wr...
A happy ending to Scorpion's S4E22 cliffhanger by 0Adiber
A happy ending to Scorpion's Adiber
A screenplay, that gives a happy ending to the ending of season 4 episode 22. Read it here:
72 hours QUINTIS by BarbyHyuga
72 hours QUINTISby Bárbara Castro
3 days have passed since his proposal failed, 72 hours of tequila and loneliness and now Happy was there to make it better. QUINTIS
Long Day by Quintislover
Long Dayby Bronwyn
It had been a long day for Happy Quinn. Surely it couldn't get any worse, could it?
Let Me Help You by Quintislover
Let Me Help Youby Bronwyn
Happy vows to help Toby with his gambling addiction.
Redemption by Quintislover
Redemptionby Bronwyn
Toby would fix everything tomorrow.
Analyzing Scorpion by KSPAseries
Analyzing Scorpionby The Elite Four
In this book,I am going to explain little things that I notice throughout the Scorpion series. Scorpion is a TV show on every Monday night. If you have not seen the TV s...
The aftermath QUINTIS by BarbyHyuga
The aftermath QUINTISby Bárbara Castro
The day after his failed proposal Happy went back to the garage to try and fix them. Lots of angst. Quintis.