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Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG by Joan_Ninja_Hen
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPGby Joan Ninja Hen
After Flora Fluss burns down the kitchen, her son insists she is too old to live alone. She's got two choices. Either move into a retirement home or spend the rest of he...
NegaTales || Season 1 || by GiddyReflections
NegaTales || Season 1 ||by CheeseDanish
[A DuckTales AU fanfic. Season one rewritten with the Negaverse characters. Basically the show but the characters are opposite. Enjoy!] Louie, Dewey, and Huey Duck have...
IDEAS for steve saga, rainbow quest, ect.  by IDrawzStuff
IDEAS for steve saga, rainbow IDrawzStuff
These are all random ideas I got because my brain got unhinged. These are all jokes, and literally shitposts. Feel free to take ideas out of this book if ya want! If yo...
Forget Me (sequel to Remind Me) by hghrules
Forget Me (sequel to Remind Me)by Haven
*sequel to Remind Me* After losing his memory (and then regaining it) (and then losing it again) (and then getting it back one more time), Sky can't seem to get over the...
The Other Side of the Known Universe by GiddyReflections
The Other Side of the Known CheeseDanish
A Ducktales 2017 fanfic with a bit of Darkwing Duck. After Drake rescues Gosalyn from being kidnapped, things start to go a bit weird. Louie does much confused, Dewey a...
Remind Me by hghrules
Remind Meby Haven
In a jump map gone wrong, Sky loses his memories of his friends, the Sky Army, and his hatred for squids... He also forgets that 'budder' is actually gold. OH NO! *This...
Egg x Toaster (Saitama x Genos) by Authorkundesu
Egg x Toaster (Saitama x Genos)by Author-Kun
Ever since Saitama accepted Genos as his disciple, they spent a lot of time together. Now, as an A-Class Hero, Saitama is finally allowed to fight evil side-to-side with...
ProtoLabs by fanfic_time_bitches
ProtoLabsby ally and kitty pawg
Credits to @kittycanroar3 on ROBLOX She made this entirely (I might add in some warnings before or credits tho) Credits to the Creator of Changed @DragonSnow4 on twitter...
Alvin x Reader but its an AU where Alvin has a fat ass by MinionMilkerz
Alvin x Reader but its an AU MinionMilkerz
You wake up and find Alvin standing on your bed, what happens next its gonna be illustrated soon #2 in microwave #2 in alvin
Ways to die by m4ple_fr0g
Ways to dieby ♡︎
Is anyone dies it's not my fault 🗿 Highest ranking: #1 in Bathtub 6-6-2021
Brutally Honest (A SaiGenos Story) by jf1777
Brutally Honest (A SaiGenos Story)by hellotomydaydream
Saitama has fought a villain that's sprays a smoke, which makes the person who breathes it in very honest. The effects will last for a whole week! What will Saitama do w...
Coming Out Is Not An Option When There's A Trap Outside The Door (girlxgirl) by OneInspiredQueerdo
Coming Out Is Not An Option When Li / Luka
Jodene Sommers’s life takes a drastic turn after kissing her best friend Estelle at a sleepover during a game of Truth or Dare. Soon she’s completely in love with the gi...
Actually. Yes.(Pray/Palette x Cray) by EvenTheLosersWin
Actually. Yes.(Pray/Palette x Cray)by The short Loser
Goaster included- I'm not going to regret this!*lies*
(Pallet X Cray) by Abomination-1
(Pallet X Cray)by I’m Me Lol
Pallet and Cray are coworkers at PJ's daycare, and love rivals. But what happens to them after Goth falls in love with the kitchen tool known as a toaster? (Much nice de...
Laughing Till We Cry ➳ Funny Avengers Things [1] by myfriendcallsmebucky
Laughing Till We Cry ➳ Funny ❝ᵒᶰ && ᵒᶠᶠ-.❞
basically where the avengers know about the fanart people make of them and one day tony suggests they create a tumblr reacting to said photos. idea created by me in 2017...
Never Too Late by Brave-little-toaster
Never Too Lateby LittleBodyBigHeart
By tenth grade, Hinata and her best friend, Kiba, know how to navigate their neighboorhood. They know where its safe to go, like the grocery store,and they know who to a...
This Feeling [I Suck at Names OK?] by magic_lobster
This Feeling [I Suck at Names OK?]by Dil Howlter
I'm bored, I ship an egg and a toaster, shits gonna go down, let's see where this goes. :))
one punch man one-shots by KatouKatos
one punch man one-shotsby KatouKatos
this is a book by yours truly this ass, the cover of this bible is made by me its pretty hot tbh its took me 10 hours to complete I'm not that much of a writer myself...
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Toaster X Reader by Classic_Stupid_Abbie
Toaster X Readerby Welsh Weirdo
This was requested! Personally, this is my favourite book I've written!