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His Obsession by InfiniteEnding
His Obsessionby Anne
One childhood promise; Two people falling in love; Three forbidden words. Annabeth Chandler and Colton Zaccarelli made a childhood promise to each other; that is for A...
The Marauders: Year Three | #Wattys2016 by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year Three | Hannah
Third Year promises to be the most exciting yet as James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter decide to live up to their title as the Marauders of Hogwarts. Prepare for laughs and...
AIDA • KYLO REN by -i-feel-it-too
AIDA • KYLO RENby emily
Aida Palpatine is the sharp-tongued and ambitious granddaughter of Darth Sidious. When her identity is discovered, none other than the infamous Commander of the First O...
The Marauders: Year Two | #Wattys2016 by Pengiwen
The Marauders: Year Two | Hannah
James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew have made it through their First Year at Hogwarts - but it's never a dull moment in the lives of the Maraude...
His Psycho Ways (#1 Psycho Series) Wattys 2016 by Aaliyah_Loyal
His Psycho Ways (#1 Psycho Series) Aaliyah Turner
*THIS IS MY FIRST STORY BEWARE*" You're sick!" "Tell me about it." "Y-you're a psycho! You're crazy!" "I know sweetheart." ...
11. His Achilles Heel (bwwm) Completed #Wattys2016 by kudz12
11. His Achilles Heel (bwwm) kudz12
Are you tired of the damsel in distress stories then this one is just for you. Read and have fun... Highest ranking #97 in Romance. Highest ranking #28 in Genera...
Breathe  by escapiist
Breathe by ❝wynter blake❞
in which a boy forgets how to breathe every time he sees her face. [ extended summary inside ] for all of these causes: #freeyourbody #bodypositivity #nomorebullying #s...
Quiet Lullaby (Kenma x reader) by kagewho
Quiet Lullaby (Kenma x reader)by ~ l
(Y/N) has joined Nekoma and while she may not be the most confident, her love of volleyball will push her to do new things and meet new people. One of those being Kenma...
yes, daddy | lrh by lustingz
yes, daddy | lrhby 🌟
"you do what i say and call me daddy, okay?" "yes, daddy." .
Brutal Beginnings (Four's sister Divergent)  UNDER EDITING by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
Brutal Beginnings (Four's sister The_Ravenclaw_Girl
[ UNDER EDITING!] You've all heard of Four? Tobias Eaton? Did you know he had a sister? Louisa Eaton is a fierce individual, she isn't made for Abnegation life. Everyday...
I'm in Love with my STEPBROTHER!!  {IN PROGRESS} by LeeLee2710
I'm in Love with my X_QUEEN•BAE_X
"Let's show Mummy how much of a Good Girl, you really are." He whispered huskily in my ear. Then came the bit I wasn't expecting. He tucked a lose stand of hai...
Can you save me? by FairySalvatore
Can you save me?by Fatima Zaidi
He was created to destroy me but no one told me that, no one warned me not to fall in love with him, not to get trapped in those amber eyes. Amber Mikelson holds a power...
His Naughty List (#Wattys2016) by negativenicole
His Naughty List (#Wattys2016)by N i c o l e
"You're on the naughty list." He says jokingly and I roll my eyes. "Really?" "Yeah but not on Santa's." He says his turquoise eyes bri...
Daughter of Posieden by moonlightwolf14
Daughter of Posiedenby Amadis Palacios
(It's my first book) (please excuse the cringe) (actually don't even read it just read Daughter if Neptune instead) 15 year old Ashley Carter, blessed by the twelve gods...
The Holiday Homework |Christmas Book | by SaphCastlexx
The Holiday Homework |Christmas Sapphire Castle
|Completed and Edited| She would be cheering at games. He sat in the Library behind glasses. She would be going wild at a party. He would be at a booksto...
Atychiphobia (Sans X Reader) *Completed* by Bright_Heart246
Atychiphobia (Sans X Reader) * BrightHeart246
Atychiphobia- fear of failure I thought that this fear would go well with the character (you) because having the fear of failing is the reason you stay determined. Tha...
time lapse ⇒pietro maximoff  by trickylittleangel
time lapse ⇒pietro maximoff by trickylittleangel
"moon dust in your lungs, stars in your eyes, you are a child of the cosmos, a ruler of the skies." {age of ultron} (ORIGINALLY STARTED IN MAY 2015) (ORIGINALL...
Fate's Path #Wattys2016 by cr2012
Fate's Path #Wattys2016by cr2012
Ella's world is turned upside down when she finds the one person fate has destined her to be with..her mate. Being the Alpha's only child she is under constant watch and...
Dangerous Love (Lucas Coly Love Story) | #Wattys16 [EDITING] by Yellow-Sherbert
Dangerous Love (Lucas Coly Love TayaBoo💕👑✨
Falling in love with someone is something you can't help. No matter who they are, no matter what they do or put you through , you always come back and Khaleyah Learned t...
No Love Allowed (LxLight&LightxL) by peacespreader
No Love Allowed (LxLight&LightxL)by CRY BABY
Imagine if Light and L became something more than rivals, more than friends. Over time bonds develop, things change. Change is not something that happens over night thou...