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faking it » david dobrik by messydobrik
faking it » david dobrikby abby
A night pretending to be David Dobrik's girlfriend leads to some unforeseen consequences.
The Boys and Me by ihavanobsession
The Boys and Meby ihavanobsession
As she started her senior year at a new school, Alissa didn't think much could happen. The school was divided into cliques so as long as she stayed in her place, she'd b...
raising it » david dobrik by messydobrik
raising it » david dobrikby abby
David and Sloane navigate the complicated, confusing, dirty, and downright scary aspects of parenthood, commitment, and love, all with a baby by their side. sequel to &q...
The Vlog Squad by thatpunkmaximoff
The Vlog Squadby ↠ Melissa
Imagine being part of the Vlog Squad! In this story you'll find reader inserts for the famous group of Youtubers. About 98% of the imagines are platonic-friendly. Since...
all that glitters » david dobrik au by messydobrik
all that glitters » david dobrik auby abby
David's been looking for his Talulah his whole life. Little did he know he'd run straight into her on her first day at Abernathy Prep.
honey » david dobrik au by messydobrik
honey » david dobrik auby abby
She looked like an angel, and that was precisely the problem. Oh, and her name was Honey. Could you think of a softer name? Honey Johnson was tiny and blonde and she lau...
𝐂𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐁𝐀𝐈𝐓 ✦ dobrik by quantumquanticos
𝐂𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐁𝐀𝐈𝐓 ✦ dobrikby i love ruel
in which david dobrik falls for the girl who he uses mainly for clickbait DAVID DOBRIK X OC QUANTUMQUANTICOS SOCIAL MEDIA FIC
bridges » david dobrik by messydobrik
bridges » david dobrikby abby
the one where elliot parker and david dobrik wake up in the middle of nowhere in a (presumably) stolen car with no phones, no wallets, and no clue where the hell they are
David Dobrik x Toddy Smith by urlocalsadsk8er
David Dobrik x Toddy Smithby Idk man
David loved someone and that someone wasn't Liza
David Dobrik One Shots by MochaPumpkin
David Dobrik One Shotsby MochaPumpkin
A bunch of oneshots for David Dobrik ships. There will be multiple ships in this book I'd say that I'll write David x Alex David x Todd David x Natalie And others! And i...
Mixed Love (a freakish love triangle) by freakishfan123
Mixed Love (a freakish love freakishfan123
What do you do when your ex survives a deadly explosion and now he needs to meet your new boyfriend. Buckle up and get ready for some drama. This is a love triangle betw...
Scoddy by urlocalsadsk8er
Scoddyby Idk man
Scotty Sire X Toddy Smith
Vlog Squad Group Chats by thevlxgsquad
Vlog Squad Group Chatsby emma !!
A dramatic social media based story on your favourite friend group! Highest rank - #1 in thevlogsquad -#1 in lizakoshy #5 in daviddobrik #8 in brandoncalvillo Started...
Just a sad song by thevlxgsquad
Just a sad songby emma !!
Kristen Mcatee, Scotty Sire David Dobrik, and Todd Smith ●Trigger warning for depression, suicide, and suicidal thoughts● Highest rank - #1 in krotty #2 in zeath Started...
Boarding School -Dalex- by Iceteaimportedfrom
Boarding School -Dalex-by krymzym
Alex and David find out there roommates for boarding school this is original so like :> im smart
Zeath anniversary by AmbearH
Zeath anniversaryby Ambear
a very short Zeath story Zane and Heath decided to take a week-long trip to spend time with family in Florida to celebrate their anniversary.
Your Never Alone.... 🖤 by Kirishima_kiribaku
Your Never Alone.... 🖤by Kirishima_kiribaku
there's a lot of suicide thoughts in this book and a lot of gayness