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F4 Mj: The Secret by THE_LilyxRosee_
F4 Mj: The Secretby THE_LilyxRosee_
A twisted Rivaly between Mj and oc (you)
The Secret by iLikeDangerForce
The Secretby Mikayla Chambers
School is out, and the DF gang quickly gets pulled into their phones. Ray tries to get the gang off of their phones, as Chapa develops a ✨Crush✨ on Bose. 😏 read until t...
The Stilinski Secret | A Teen Wolf Fanfiction| by Lil_Becka_
The Stilinski Secret | A Teen Becka
When Stiles Stilinski was possessed by the Nogitsune, an evil Japanese fox spirit, he found out about a family secret he was never supposed to know. With hundreds of q...
Kingsman by anotheralexabroad
Kingsmanby Alex
Eggsy has a neighbor... "Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. Don't let yourself lose me." -Rainer Maria Ril...
The Secret - by Rhonda Byrne by wwho30803
The Secret - by Rhonda Byrneby Blossom
Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pi...
The Secret Quotes By Rhonda Byrne by Australiann
The Secret Quotes By Rhonda Byrneby Zaynster
It is based on the law of attraction and claims that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased happiness, health, and wealth.
A Wolf who Loves a Rabbit by CartoonFF
A Wolf who Loves a Rabbitby CartoonFF
The sequel most have been itching for. It all began with a secret, but now it must end with the hard truth. Lincoln and Stella are still together, however, when a myster...
Sad Stories by Nominawthere
Sad Storiesby N0M1!!
Some sad stories for the sad souls !NONE OF THESE STORIES ARE MINE! Rankings #1 favorite book 1/2/24 #3 lemon pie 1/2/24 #4 yoghurt 1/2/24 #5 lemonpie 2/7/24
The Secret by SofiaFrida14
The Secretby Frida
This story is about how two friends have suddenly bump into someone really unfamiliar even odd if you can put it that way...
The Secret Garden- the Aftermath  by becauseiwill
The Secret Garden- the Aftermath by BecauseIwill
What happened after the events of "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett? Did Mary ever find love? Enter the world of a mysterious tale but beware tha...
Something about my birth place :- chittorgarh  by RichaAGarwal323
Something about my birth place RichaAGarwal323
A small factual explanation about Chittorgarh which will force you respect its concepts more than visiting fort just as a tourist
How to Create Your Perfect Girlfriend (On The Karma of Love by Michael Roach) by VictorBee108
How to Create Your Perfect Victor Bee
Is it possible to "design" a girlfriend like a video game character? Then you can give her all the attributes you have ever wanted. She is beautiful, elegant...
How Twilight really became an alicorn by Damcclub
How Twilight really became an apples
The real story for Twilight's alicorn-ness
The Warlock Vampire  Hybrid by vampirediaries5673
The Warlock Vampire Hybridby Natarsha Hatzivassilis
BOOK TWO want happen when Rebekah mikaelson had a one night stand with the warlock Maghus Bane when she was in New York. a few weeks later after she left for New orlean...
Secret Love Letter! by SecretLove014
Secret Love Letter!by SecretLove014
Sinopsis!! Este es una especie de diario de una simple persona hacia sus crush, al cual le ha admirado durante mucho tiempo y por el cual encuentra una inspiración, amor...
Her Not So Perfect Man by Sneha_SKhanna
Her Not So Perfect Manby Sneha Khanna
'Hello', a manly voice resonated in the air. Hello, I answered back. 'Can I speak to Maria', I said. The husky voice, "errr, may I know who is speaking". ...
Til'Death(On Going) by ITs_EYAYAYAH
Til'Death(On Going)by Eyah
AMNESIA?ACCIDENT? What will you do if that HAPPEN TO YOU? Sa MAHAL MO? Two lovers that have been APART about FOUR YEARS AGO,because of WHAT happen.Is it really because o...
Life is a blessing stop stressing by bonitaparis
Life is a blessing stop stressingby bonitaparis
Life isn't perfect we all know that.We don't all have the house we want or car or spouses. But if you appreciate what life has given to you. Things will start to change...
MIRACLE by Shameer099
MIRACLEby Shameer099
This story is about a boy who loved a girl from his school but she because of her family issues rejected him.
The Secret by Jules_Marie_Fern
The Secretby Jules Fern
Ada finds herself getting rather close to the boss of the agents at the FBI, Wayde, but will he ever find out about her dark secret?