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who killed Markiplier x reader by kat_var01
who killed Markiplier x readerby kat_var01
you are invited to a poker night with some close friends, but something happens and your friend suddenly dies what will happen next
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𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐂𝐊, looking for alaska by nicbelles
𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐂𝐊, looking for ˗ˏˋ NIC-FIL-A ˎˊ˗
Poe Doherty had been at Culver Creek since she was a freshman, and even she could admit nothing really started happening until Miles 'to go' Halter showed up. ...
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Wilford Motherlovin' Warfstache, Baby | CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE  by lovemepsycho
Wilford Motherlovin' Warfstache, ~Damien~
Gender neutral, choose your own adventure xReader.
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Catch me if you can~ (Wilfordxreader) by gamehole
Catch me if you can~ ( Game "Curls" Hole
You were a cop going after a still active murderer. Many cops going after this guy have gone insane, but what they didn't tell you was that all the cops were male. (Enj...
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Missing Pieces (Mark/Egos x Reader) by Fan714
Missing Pieces (Mark/Egos x Reader)by Fan714
Who killed Markiplier? Where did William and Damien run off to? What about Abe? Is the mansion still there? How have things changed since then? It's been a long time sin...
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Kiss Of Death (Who Killed Markiplier Oneshots) by TheGirliplier
Kiss Of Death (Who Killed TheGirliplier
I'm so sorry for discontinuing this book, so much stuff is going on and it fell out of my agenda and interest. Again, I'm very sorry. I will keep the book up for those o...
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A Few too Many Drinks (Dilliam AU) by Seamlessness
A Few too Many Drinks (Dilliam AU)by Seamless
Mark is having a party to celebrate his marriage to Celine and William is going to join. Except Will catches sight of a fine young mayor; Damien.
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Same Snake, Different Skin [Markiplier Egos x Reader] by annie_quill
Same Snake, Different Skin [ Annie 👽💚
I'm taking requests for any character played/created by Markiplier/for a Markiplier project. Please read the first part for how to request.
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Softverse by K9Effect
Softverseby Sam
This book officially contains all the Softverse fics from my tumblr (@K9Effect) and my Ao3 account (@Oh_DAMNeron).
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It's Not Fair by th3WolfthatWrit3s
It's Not Fairby theWolfthatWrites
It's been sixty years since you've been left behind, sixty years of isolation, sixty years of planning. They tricked you to letting them in but you were thrown out of yo...
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Orange sky / Looking for Alaska by looneymay
Orange sky / Looking for Alaskaby looneymay
"I had a dream I, stood beneath an orange sky" looking for alaska oc x oc I don't own looking for alaska, but I do own Jason and Talitha.
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Who Killed Markiplier? (Adding My sorta OC Goldy in this as well^^) by GlitchDoesStuff
Who Killed Markiplier? (Adding Glitch
Goldy is a normal teenager wondering around. that is...until she meets Markiplier Characters belong to Markiplier. I downloaded the pictures in the new chapters of my bo...
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It's just a Theory, a YouTube Theory by Fee-Fa
It's just a Theory, a YouTube Fee-Fa / Kee-Ka
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nosebleed || markiplier ✕  egos by gronchydudes
nosebleed || markiplier ✕ egosby 《 ANDROID 》
ONE-SHOT BOOK of mark and his alternate egos. this book'll be filled with mark x egos, or ego x ego. will i do lemons? no. limes? possibly. gorey stuff? yes. cuss? obv...
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Who Killed Markiplier: Poem and Short Story collection. by thedeathofart22
Who Killed Markiplier: Poem and A Humble Writter
This is a complation of poems and short stories correlating to WKM which my friends and I wrote. I put them in chronological order based off of events in WKM. ((This wi...
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to the moon and back by axolottle
to the moon and backby axolottle
a two shot
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Of Loves & Secret Deception by TheAngelofFate
Of Loves & Secret Deceptionby TheAngelofFate
How does one stop love from growing? How does one simply cut off feelings towards another? How can one just stop feeling this way? These are the questions that William w...
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the fight for sanity by heckiplier
the fight for sanityby heckiplier
dark still isn't completely in control of the two souls he has prisoner. damien is completely lost and terrified, the seer is quiet. the colonel has lost his mind, and s...
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Rursus Tempus {a sequel to Tempus Fugit}!ON HIATUS! by kalelaufeyson
Rursus Tempus {a sequel to *
rur•sus tem•pus rurr-saus teampus exclamation "time again" • ireine davenport has never been one to make friends very easily. that's why when she gets a very...
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