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Free x Reader Oneshots by TJoyPrincess
Free x Reader Oneshotsby TJoyPrincess
A collection of fluffy and cute oneshots guaranteed to make you squeal!
Free! One Shots [Requests CLOSED] by JeanieeBoy
Free! One Shots [Requests CLOSED]by JJKBorahae
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Free! Eternal Summer oneshots! I do NOT own Free! Iwatobi Swim Club or Free! Eternal Summer. All I own are the plots that I create. Please Enjoy...
Free! One shots by smoleevee
Free! One shotsby Eve
[Various Free! one shots] In all honesty, you wonder how you got with such a cute swimmer.
MakoHaru One-Shots by AnimeFrayBear
MakoHaru One-Shotsby Astrid Tiper
Just a whole bunch of one shots of Makoharu. Status: Ongoing
Rin x Reader x Sousuke by ItIsMagic
Rin x Reader x Sousukeby Sakura Tree
The passionate shark or the mysterious whale shark? These dramatic duo will fight for your love in this story! What, too cliché? Then how about if they'll never knew wha...
Free! (Reader x Character) by PiaOyuku
Free! (Reader x Character)by Pia Oyuku
This is a collection of Reader x Character fanfics for the anime Free! There are sequels so you will be able to get a glimpse of what your life with him in the future mi...
The SUPER EXTRA WET swim club boys! (Sousuke x Rin x Nitori x Momo) by yaoiluver69
The SUPER EXTRA WET swim club boys...by Sarita
Rin Matsuoka has been very stressed out lately, even more so after what the Iwatobi boys did to him. So as nice friends Sousuke, Nitori, and Momo try to cheer him up...
"Oh, Officer!" Stripper! Rin Matsuoka x Reader  by niaourisma
"Oh, Officer!" Stripper! Rin Matsu...by Michael
Stripper!Rin Matsuoka x Reader (Female pronouns "she/her" are used in this fic but please feel free to interpret or replace these with the pronouns of your cho...
Rin x Haru one-shots by AngelicTribute
Rin x Haru one-shotsby AngelicTribute
Just some random Rin x Haru one-shots - some fluff, maybe some smut too. If you have any requests please do send me them! :)
Not Your Typical "Human" (Free X OC) by Afabulouscreature
Not Your Typical "Human" (Free X O...by ATinyMarshmallow
Kishiko Lynn had befriended some of the anime worlds favorite swimmers, Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Rin Matsuoka, and Nagisa Hazuki. She has known them since middle...
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club : Graduation (RinxHaru Fanfic) by fascinatingillusions
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club : Graduati...by • • • n • • •
Summer is coming. Our first and last eternal summer. Will you still love me until the end? Will we stay strong until the end? [ RinxHaru ] [ Author's Note: My first Bo...
Free!! Tokyo Olympics by LeeIsTentoes
Free!! Tokyo Olympicsby Mr. Momota
The boys from Free!! go to the summer 2020 Olympics as competitors. They get caught up in shenanigans such as a crazy flower shop, racing at the beach, and seeing unexpe...
{MakoHaru} Important Ashes by AnimeFrayBear
{MakoHaru} Important Ashesby Astrid Tiper
Makoto just recently got a perfectly folded note that is now in ashes. He refuses to tell what was on it and it is Haruka's mission to find out what it was. Makoto is r...
Heart of Gold by pkmntrainer
Heart of Goldby pkmntrainer
What good is a heart of gold with nobody to share it with? [Rin x Reader] *UPLOADED FROM MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT
Thanks For The Memories by Psychic-Deity
Thanks For The Memoriesby Psychic-Deity
Gou Matsuoka had two friends when she was younger. Isuzu Tsukume and Sachiko Kawada. She met them in school, but one day, they both had to move to Shibuya, Tokyo. Severa...
Swimming With Orcas (A Makoto Tachibana x OC story) by MiraculousKiba
Swimming With Orcas (A Makoto Tach...by Alexa
Shirubia Myzaki is a rather shy transfer student from an american academy starting at Iwatobi High. First day of school and she's already fallen hard for that Tachibana...
Free! Stories by AureliaLupei
Free! Storiesby Aurelia Lupei
A collection of different cute or angsty stories of the new and popular swimming anime known as Free! (I started this Sept 9 2013 and I'm now updating I apologize. That'...