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Nargles by FanGirll4life
Narglesby I'm gay
So, a finnish wlw Harry Potter fanfic, Luna and Ginny Might include smut, idk yet lesbianism NO Drarry absoutely
Quarantined w// Tom Holland by sillisti
Quarantined w// Tom Hollandby hornyhoe
You and Tom Holland, who is your partner in this story, are quarantined together with his pals. yes the picture says Quarentined and im too lazy to chainge it #1 teenfan...
•Rumat valheet• (Blind channel) by Poodlewarr
•Rumat valheet• (Blind channel)by Poodlewarr
"Itse olet sortunut siihen mistä muita varoitit" "Oon eläny samassa bändissäni jo ikäni. Yhtäkkiä jokin ei vaan ollut enää ennallaan. Hänen läsnäolo sai m...
Tom Holland Imagines by sillisti
Tom Holland Imaginesby hornyhoe
Imagines of y/n and Tom Holland. Sad, happy, romantic etc. :D Starring Tom, Harry, Sam, Paddy, Dom, Nikki, Zendaya and Tessa. My account is really small and i really try...
Polaroid by sisaisestikuollut
Polaroidby Baby Niallin lapsi
N+R Niin me oltiin joskus kirjoitettu huoneeni ikkunalaudalle. Kaiken lisäksi piirsin kirjainten ympärille sydämen puolikkaan. Sä piirsit toisen puolen sydämelle. "...
Learn Finnish  by Learnfinnish
Learn Finnish by Learnfinnish
Learn Finnish! Exercises with answers, texts with vocabularies and grammars.
All About Shaking Souls by vilruse
All About Shaking Soulsby Vilho
All About Shaking Souls is growing poetry collection about soul shaking events, love, hate, pain and glory, that might, or might not, teach the reader thing or another a...
J.M 2.0||Why don't we by Kukkaset
J.M 2.0||Why don't weby Kukkaset
Jessica Marais on Jonah Maraisin tytär. Adoptoituna.
✨Motivational quotes/Motivoivia tekstejä/Motiverande texter✨ by onceforeva_
✨Motivational quotes/Motivoivia ~MoonChild~
This book is for the bad days<3 Tämä kirja on niille pahille päiville <3 Den här boken är för de dåliga dagarna i livet<3 So as you may see, this book is going...
Little Miss Perfect by BridgeheadM
Little Miss Perfectby BridgeheadM
Have you ever wondered, that what it takes to live with a stepsister, who happens to be the most popular girl in school - and who also gets only A from exams. Step into...
Cringe fanfic I wrote in 2016 by I_love_Kurap1ka
Cringe fanfic I wrote in 2016by seaweed
Fanfic I wrote in 2015-2016 and im going to translate it. Its Harry Potter au and it has my old oc and one of my friends oc CRINGE WARNING AND REMEMBER THAT I WROTE THIS...
Keto Premiere Suomi Kokemuksia, Tabletteja Hinta & Tilaus by ketopremierefinlandf
Keto Premiere Suomi Kokemuksia, Keto Premiere
Keto Premiere on edistyksellinen tuote, joka muutti lukemattomien miesten ja naisten elämää rauhoittamalla heitä suorituksestaan ​​ja estämällä haitalliset kehon ongelma...
Same story in two languages/sama tarina kahdella kielellä by The-safeword-is-Bird
Same story in two languages/sama PrettyMuchABird
I was asked to write in Finnish so I'll test my writing ability in both languages
Like Paradise. by you-make-me-feel
Like you-make-me-feel
The meaning of love. Eicca Toppinen x Perttu Kivilaakso (Apocalyptica)
Something More | English by ilonaperanenn
Something More | Englishby ILONA🐢
Ava Anderson is a 16 year old Finnish girl. She is the smartest student of her class, but knowledge has never been helpful in getting to know her. Once a nerd, always ne...
Friends | J.JK | HAPPY BIRTHDAY @theaureliapelletier by LilMeowMeowsRaWr
Friends | J.JK | HAPPY BIRTHDAY LilMeowMeowsRaWr
"Aurelia.....I have to move very soon.." "What? Why?" "I-I don't know..Aurelia im sorry.." "J-jungkook-" "Here, t-take this...